Monday, June 8, 2009

Honey, I'm gonna need a bigger car.

I'm trading in my bumper sticker.

It used to say WWJD.

(What would Jesus do?)

Now, it's gonna say W.W.J.L.M.G.A.W.J.T.O.I.I.S.I.W.R.S.A.

(What would Jesus let me get away with just this once if I said I was really sorry afterward?)

Cause, I'm far from a perfect Christian. And I like to keep it real.

Just so ya know.

But, it is going to require a larger bumper. I don't think this one will fit on the ole Impala.

I'm so far from perfect that I completely stole this idea from John over at Stuff Christians Like. Cause he makes me laugh out loud at my desk almost every day. And then Darla asks what I'm laughing at. And then she thinks I'm weird. Thanks, John.

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