Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Form, function, or comfort?

Okay, here's a disclaimer. I live with boys. A husband, two sons, and a male dog. All boys. It doesn't take a big stretch of the imagination to know that we talk about bodily functions approximately 90% of the time.

So, if you are embarrassed by such talk, please quit reading now. Because I have become immune, and may not even know where the line of appropriateness currently resides.

And, I'm going to talk about toilet paper.

When we first got married, I was a frugal shopper. Store brand of everything. Our grocery dollars had to stretch a loooong way!

Then, I had a baby. Then another one.

And good toilet paper found it's way to the top of the grocery list every time. No matter how much cheaper the store brand was. I made my boss put in a "real" toilet paper dispenser in the ladies' room of our office, and stock it with Charmin. It totally broke the toilet paper delivery man's heart.

Consequently, there have been times in the last few years that toilet paper was on the list when Matt went shopping. And he didn't come home with Charmin. Or 3-ply Quilted Northern. He came home with Scott or Safeway Select. I thought he was just cheap.

Until a few weeks ago in the tp aisle.

I'm searching for the best deal on Cottonelle. The boys are looking at Great Value.

"I am not buying that cheap junk" was my comment.

"That other stuff is too soft!" was Matt's reply.

"Too soft?" I say - unaware that there was such a thing.

"It just doesn't get the job done." Chance chimes in.

"We need a hard-working toilet paper" the boys all agreed.


I had to buy two kinds. One for the upstairs, one for the downstairs.

On the upside, I have my own bathroom now ;)


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

I love your new header!

Form, function, comfort. That IS the question. So glad comfort gave you a bathroom to yourself.

tina said...

That is quite hilarious. I was unaware, as well, that too soft of a toilet paper could be a problem. I haven't had that complaint yet with my crew of boys. I do buy Charmin from Costco - don't even price check around anymore, just buy it. :-)

Miller Family said...

Oh my goodness! I too, as you know, am the only female in our household (even Bud dog is a boy). I unfortunately share a bathroom with the boys since it is the bigger bathroom and it has a tub. (Our master bathroom shower was a linen closet on the house plans back in the early 60s then converted after inspection. You can sit on the toilet and touch both the sink, the shower and both doors leading in and out. Get my drift...it is small and only has enough room for Dan's stuff). I digress...anyways, I haven't had the complaint yet of too soft tp so that is interesting. LOL