Monday, June 15, 2009

Friendly Home Evening

We couldn't let Jane and Deb have all the fun on a Monday night, so Annette, Darla, and I got together for a "friendly home evening".

I had a project to complete for Tina's birthday, but not all the supplies to do it.

Darla came through and helped me by offering supplies, her house, a fun shared dinner, and a play night for the boys. Here's what we made:

Thanks, Darla!

Happy Birthday, Tina!

Flag Day, a la Colton Messer

Happy Flag Day from Colton. Colton must have somehow known it was Flag Day yesterday, because he couldn't stop singing the Star Spangled Banner on the way home from Seattle. Very loud. Here's his rendition:

Oh Jose can you see????

By the Dodgers we light.

Oh, woe is me. Colton thinks the Star Spangled banner is about some guy named Jose at a Dodgers game. Sorry, founding fathers. We'll work on that.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What's your motto?

My motto for today is not a proud one. I just got done telling a co-worker:

I don't know if I'm really busy, or just drowning in a self-made sea of procrastination.

I think it's the latter.

Drowning in a self-made sea of procrastination.

Time to start "swimming, swimming . . ." like my Neighbor Jane!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Form, function, or comfort?

Okay, here's a disclaimer. I live with boys. A husband, two sons, and a male dog. All boys. It doesn't take a big stretch of the imagination to know that we talk about bodily functions approximately 90% of the time.

So, if you are embarrassed by such talk, please quit reading now. Because I have become immune, and may not even know where the line of appropriateness currently resides.

And, I'm going to talk about toilet paper.

When we first got married, I was a frugal shopper. Store brand of everything. Our grocery dollars had to stretch a loooong way!

Then, I had a baby. Then another one.

And good toilet paper found it's way to the top of the grocery list every time. No matter how much cheaper the store brand was. I made my boss put in a "real" toilet paper dispenser in the ladies' room of our office, and stock it with Charmin. It totally broke the toilet paper delivery man's heart.

Consequently, there have been times in the last few years that toilet paper was on the list when Matt went shopping. And he didn't come home with Charmin. Or 3-ply Quilted Northern. He came home with Scott or Safeway Select. I thought he was just cheap.

Until a few weeks ago in the tp aisle.

I'm searching for the best deal on Cottonelle. The boys are looking at Great Value.

"I am not buying that cheap junk" was my comment.

"That other stuff is too soft!" was Matt's reply.

"Too soft?" I say - unaware that there was such a thing.

"It just doesn't get the job done." Chance chimes in.

"We need a hard-working toilet paper" the boys all agreed.


I had to buy two kinds. One for the upstairs, one for the downstairs.

On the upside, I have my own bathroom now ;)

Monday, June 8, 2009

Honey, I'm gonna need a bigger car.

I'm trading in my bumper sticker.

It used to say WWJD.

(What would Jesus do?)

Now, it's gonna say W.W.J.L.M.G.A.W.J.T.O.I.I.S.I.W.R.S.A.

(What would Jesus let me get away with just this once if I said I was really sorry afterward?)

Cause, I'm far from a perfect Christian. And I like to keep it real.

Just so ya know.

But, it is going to require a larger bumper. I don't think this one will fit on the ole Impala.

I'm so far from perfect that I completely stole this idea from John over at Stuff Christians Like. Cause he makes me laugh out loud at my desk almost every day. And then Darla asks what I'm laughing at. And then she thinks I'm weird. Thanks, John.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Life is just so daily! (Thanks ME)

So, I'm totally copying my fun friend Sandy, and making a daily journal/scrapbook for the month of June. I want my ancestors to be able to look back and see what a normal time period was like for our family.
The scrapbooks hit all the highlights, but so often it is fun to look back and know what people actually DID with their time - and how much a gallon of milk cost - and how often they went out to eat and where.
Because I would love to find something like that about my grandparents, I figure maybe someday a grand kid will find it fun to know about us. I'm taking pictures of everyday stuff, and keeping a short journal of our daily happenings.

Here's where we're at so far:

  • Chance dentist - 1 filling.
Milkshake after dentist

  • 1st day of Summer vacation for the boys.
  • Matt is off to training for the week at Fort Lewis.
  • Lunch at Southpaws with Matt and Darla
  • To the bank to cash a couple checks for my Father's Day stash
  • Wal-Mart shopping trip

  • Meeting at Basin West branch first thing in the morning
  • Garden tour and lunch for the office gals with Mr. Jensen

  • Chance's last baseball game - he was chosen by the opposing coaches for the MVP ball.
  • Dinner with mom & dad at China Buffet - less than impressive (the buffet, not the company)
  • Sent Matt a Fed Ex package with his Cabela's gift card so he could shop at the BIG Cabela's near Fort Lewis.


  • Took boys to Tina's (should have this on every day)
  • Off to work
  • Chance to dentist - 2nd cavity filled
  • Colton's last baseball game
  • Dinner with mom & dad at Chico's - MUCH better! (Thanks for making it to both last games, you equal opportunity grandparents, you! Love you!)
  • Boys to Tina
  • Regular workday - 10 AM Web training for new A/P system
  • Lunch with Darla and Lola at one of our favorites - Michael's

  • Power outage at work - got to leave 1/2 hour early
  • Pick boys up for a rare evening at home
  • Matt is home!!
  • Boys have a stay-at-home day, since Matt is off
  • Leave a couple chores and head to work
  • Try to get some billing caught up
  • This is what my desk usually looks like

  • Bethel Church brings lunch - fundraiser for youth group - yummy enchiladas
  • Talk to Krista regarding sign we are building

That's it! So far, anyway. A week in the life. Soon to be a month in the life. We'll see how it goes. . .

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My Bucket List

Tracy, I love your circle journal. Please don't read any further if you want your circle journal to be a surprise in November.

I had a ton of fun putting together my bucket list. Now I can't wait to have a ton of fun getting it all checked off!


So, what's on your bucket list?

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

How do you breathe?

I saw this ad in a magazine over the weekend. Although I'm not a big wine drinker (I'm told it's an acquired taste, but apparently I don't have the budget to acquire it!), I thought the ad spoke volumes. What would yours say?

I think mine would go something like this:

I'm not wealthy, but my life is RICH and MEANINGFUL.

I wear cheap shoes (and lots of them) so I can afford to buy LOTS of scrapbook stuff.

I can shoot a basketball and sing off-key, and texting while doing anything else proves to be too much for me.

I LOVE date nights with my husband, and wish I had more of them.

I rarely hesitate to tell anyone my age, and it's usually out of embarrassment being the young one in the group.

I celebrate silliness, work hard to make fun times, LOVE my family to no end,

and always remember that HAPPINESS starts with me!

Give it a shot. How would your poem read? How do you breathe? Do you like wine?

Thanks, Ernest and Julio Gallo. What a bunch of fun.