Monday, May 11, 2009

My Special Day

So, we have a tradition at our house. It's a hit-n-miss tradition, but we try. We have this "Special Day" plate. It's a red plate, and when you are having a special day - birthday, accomplishment, etc. - you get to use the special day plate.

Sunday was my special day. My birthday and Mother's Day all rolled into one. My mom always says I was the best Mother's Day present she ever could have gotten. I think they gave her too many drugs in her epidural, but I'll take the compliment.

Anyway, with all this "specialness" happening in one day, Matt decided to extend my weekend with a nice dinner on Friday night.

I got a text on Friday after lunch that said - "Not for nothin', but dinner reservations have been made."

Verna was coming for the weekend to help with the boys on Saturday, so she showed up a bit early on Friday evening so we could have a night out on the town.

When we got to Michael's, the table was already adorned. What a sweetheart!

We started out with my favorite appetizer, and ate like royalty from that point on. Crab/artichoke dip, salads, steak and coconut prawns - with a couple lemon drops mixed in for good measure.

The manager came over and offered to buy our dessert for this special occasion, and we decided to split a mud pie.

It was fantastic!

A word to the wise, though. When your husband goes to such extreme romantic measures as to have the table adorned with candles and roses before you get there - your dessert might come to the table gloriously displayed on your actual "Special Day" plate. And you should notice that it's your plate. And therefore gush about the romantic planner that is your husband for making this evening so perfect. Cause if you don't, everyone (including the manager) will be waiting expectantly, in vain, and your husband may think such romanticism is unappreciated.

Just sayin'.

Honey, you are a gem. If I forget to tell you later, I had a fantastic evening on Friday night. You are (and always have been) a better planner than I am a noticer. Thank you. For everything you do. Great and small. For those I've appreciated, for those that have shown up on the radar a bit late, and for those I've yet to discover. You are my dream come true.

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Miller Family said...

Awesome!!! We have two special plates and one is red and one is white with confetti colors all over.

I am so impressed that he added the special plate to the dessert. What a great guy! Happy Belated Birthday and Mother's Day!!!!