Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

The boys (with much help from Matt) gave me a great Mother's Day celebration today. In an effort to pay it forward, I'm going to pass on a little present of theirs.

Matt had them fill out a survey about me. Each with their own unique answers. In turn, I will answer the same questions about my mom. Let's see how well they translate . . .

  1. My mom is the best cook I know!

  2. I am better than Mom at computers and always will be!

  3. I always beat my Mom at Scrabble and always will.

  4. My mom always whips me at last minute cleaning, but her time is coming.

  5. My Mom makes me cranky when she doesn't believe in herself.

  6. I know my Mom is cranky when she stops joking.

  7. I can cheer my mom up by a phone call.

  8. My Mom knows I'm cranky when I am ranting and raving.

  9. Mom cheers me up by helping me see the light side, but it doesn't always work.

  10. I love to help my Mom clean up the house, but sometimes she says "NO WAY!"

  11. My Mom always has to help me entertain even though I could do it myself. (Thank goodness)!

  12. Mom's favorite song is bluegrass, but she should listen when I'm not around.

  13. If Mom was a super hero, she would be Wonder Woman.

  14. If I could grant Mom one wish, I would let her live the rest of her life pain free.

  15. My mom always wants me to slow down, but I would rather do it all.

  16. I don't like to eat my mom's tuna casserole for dinner.

  17. If I could cook (I can!), Mom would have to eat my homemade pizza.

  18. Mom is better than dad at Christmas presents, but he's gaining on her.

  19. My Mom will never be better than Dad at towing the trailer no matter what she tries.

  20. If I want to make Mom laugh, all I have to do is call her - we're usually both laughing within the first 2 minutes.

  21. If I want to make Mom mad, all I have to do is be mean to someone in her family.

  22. If I was the boss, Mom would have to make Oatmeal cake once a week.

  23. I show Mom how much I love her by blogging ;)

  24. I know my Mom loves me because she shows it 100 different ways.

Happy Mother's Day, mom! Hope your day was fantastic. I love you!

Here's what Chance and Colton had to say.

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