Friday, April 24, 2009

Wow, that paper's really cool . . . . . . .literally!

So, the scrapbook store in town is closing. Absolutely done on Saturday. :(

Of course, Darla and I had to shop the 50% off sale today. The deals were so good, we'd be losing money if we didn't go.

Unfortunately for her, Darla discussed her budget with me before we left. She's been shopping air conditioners, and had found one on sale at Shopko. Just as unfortunate, her kids also like to eat about 4 meals a day, and this month the two needs were not acting very harmoniously.

Do you ever have months like that? I know I do!

So, Darla made a good decision, and determined to wait on the air conditioner in lieu of food for the next couple weeks. She's a good mom - I'd have fed them Top Ramen.

Then came the SALE e-mail from the scrapbook store.

We just had to go.

And boy, did we find some good deals. We both SAVED $50!!!! Which means we also spent $50, but we're more "glass half full" kind of gals, and we're bound and determined to accentuate the positive.

So, on the way back to the office, we decide the best course of action regarding the food budget, the air conditioner, and the scrapbook supplies. Because memories are important. Sometimes more important than eating or sweating. It's essential the entire family realize that.

Come June or July, when the hot summer sun is beating down on our desert basin, Darla and her boys will gather in the scraproom, each eating their portion of the one top ramen packet rationed for the day, and gaze admiringly on the cool shades of blue and green paper. All will agree the sacrifice was worth it.

She's saving the reds and oranges for the winter, when the heat's off and they're trying to keep warm.

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Neighbor Jane Payne said...

I'm so glad you got to the store before I did because I did the same thing...spent money that SHOULD have gone elsewhere....but who needs colored hair when you can look at paper, and who needs milk when you can look at paper, and who needs refreshments for a wedding when you can look at paper? I'm just glad you cleared some of the stuff out before I got there or I could be in serious trouble.

Please ask Darla if Calvin and I can join her for snak ramen.