Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Take me out to the ball game . . .

This is why I've been waiting for baseball. The entertainment is non-stop!
It starts with the most patient coach . . .

Then goes from there. It was good for awhile.

Then, kinda so, so.

Then, downright BAD. Except not really.

I think he's trying to psyche the batter out.

Isn't that a ballet position?

A little Tae Kwon Do.

It's tough to stay on your feet. REALLY tough.

Now we're getting there . . .

Kind of.


A little outfield conversation.

Where'd it go?

Oh yeah, we're the bomb!


Cali said...

Baseball VIA YOUR BLOG is even better... even more entertaining. See, you're like ESPN. You give us the highlights without all the hours of watching AND the funny commentary. My favorite was the "It's tough to stay on your feet. REALLY tough." Oh how I do remember (PE of 3rd grade).

Darla said...

I love this post.. It makes me miss sittin and watchin the boys...

However, as you sat in the 30 degree weather , wind & rain last night I was sure glad I was at home!

tina said...

Yeah, that's why we tried track this spring instead of t-ball. It's not going much better though. Maybe we should have stuck with baseball - although track is a much, much shorter "season" for young kids. Only 5 meets - works for me, but I think I want my kid to be a little more active. Those are some great pictures though! I only have pictures of what actually looks like an interested player which wasn't the real story - but it looks good in the scrapbook! :)

Miller Family said...

I love your commentary. What a cutie. Our baseball sign ups end today and Ty has decided to take a break. We just finished soccer last night and the family is kind of tired so we all agreed it was a good choice on Ty's part. Now I might actually get to stay home and get some things done before haying starts. With this weather, who knows when we will start cutting.