Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Fool me once . . .

Oh, what a morning.

I have never been the fooler before. At least, not to any believable extent. Always the foolee.

Until today. With some help from Matt.

With a well-laid plan, we put the boys to bed last night, and immediately went to work.

Every clock in the house set 2 hours ahead. Microwave, Stove, Boys' bedroom, etc.

Had a bit of a hiccup with the Atomic Clock. It sets itself. Had a stroke of genius and put it on Central Time. Perfect!

Woke up annoyingly early, and Matt and I got all ready to go.

It's not very light out. We wait about 10 minutes after our pre-planned time, then decide to go with the overcast/hazy day excuse.

Then, at 8:10 (or so they thought), I rush into the boys' room and tell them my alarm didn't go off, they are late for school, no delay, we must get downstairs, dress faster than ever before, and get in the car.

First groggy words out of Colton's mouth - Ohhhhhh nooooooo, I'm going to be super hungry! I don't like being hungry! How will we get breakfast??!

Chance jumped into high gear, and began, in true Chance fashion, to worry. It's chapel day. Chapel starts at 8:30. We'll never make it in time. The WHOLE school will be in the chapel room. It will be too embarrassing to walk in there late. What will he do? Do we realize it's chapel day? And that chapel starts at 8:30? What will we do?

With as much stress as both boys were under, the hazy day excuse was unnecessary.

Matt goes down to start the cars, and adjust the car clock.

Chance continues to stress.

Colton's still hungry.

We all headed out, and unbeknown to the boys, to the same place.

Chance's stress level hit the all-time high when Matt missed the turn to his school, and headed to the restaurant.

We got out of the car at the restaurant and shouted - APRIL FOOLS!!!!

Neither quite knew how to react. Chance says it was a really dirty trick, and he'll be getting us back before the day is out

By the end of breakfast, Colton says he knew it all along. He could tell. Whatever.

So, did y'all fool anybody today?
Are you gonna?

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Miller Family said...

What a hilarous joke. I can totally picture you boys because I can see my boys doing the exact same thing. Ty would be my worry wart (he wakes up at 8 on a Saturday and freaks out that he missed the bus).

I didn't play any jokes, but I thought the snow was joke enough. Man oh man!