Friday, April 3, 2009

Because the girl scouts, and their cookies, have disappeared for the year

Am I the only one that loves these??

No. No I am not.

Know how I know?

Because when I tried to hide our ONE box from Matt, he found it, and replaced all the yummy Samoas with Wal-Mart brand vanilla wafers. Then he did some sort of "rationing" program, in which I only received 3 cookies.

So, I searched the Internet for a solution.

And found several.

I took the best (read easiest) from each one, and made my own Girl Scout cookies.

So there!

Remember, I said easiest, so we start with a few convenience items:

Here we go.

Get out your muffin tins. You'll need 30 spots total. If you are like me, you get out two sixes and two twelves. You then proceed to fill both sixes, then start in on the twelves. The last twelve (by my bad math skillz) will only be 1/2 full. You won't care until every pan is contaminated with sticky, gooey, caramel mess. Then, you will be wishing you had used your bad math skillz and consolidated, so you didn't have to wash 4 pans. Take home lesson - don't be like me - use 2 twelves and 1 six.

Girl Scout Samoas - my version

1 bag Keebler Simply Shortbread Cookies

1 bag Kraft Caramel Bits
3 cups Coconut
4 T Milk

1/2 (ish) bag Chocolate Chips

Place 1 cookie in the bottom of each tin.

Melt caramel bits and milk. When smooth (about 2 - 1 minute rounds in microwave), add in 3 cups coconut.

Spread coconut mixture over each cookie. Muffin tin will help you keep the circle shape.

While coconut mixture sets, melt chocolate chips. When smooth (about 3 - 45 second rounds in microwave, stirring well after each), dip the bottom of each cookie in chocolate and set on wax or parchment paper.

Once all cookies are dipped (bottom only), put rest of melted chocolate in a baggie, snip the end off, and drizzle over cookies.

Yum, yum, yum!!!!


Darla said...

Oh my gosh!!! Last weekend donuts..this weekend girl scout cookies.. no wander the pot is getting richer *lol*

Hope you are having a successful weekend.. The window is very empty next to me ...

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Oh. Oh. Oh. I cannot wait to try these.

Miller Family said...

My sister is going to love to try this recipe. Those are also her favorite GS cookies. She even found an ice cream with them in it. Thanks for the recipe. Have a great weekend!!

tina said...

I so want to eat those! I love Samoas - they are the best! I am pretty sure I ate two whole boxes by myself in the matter of two days! I think that this is too much work to make my own though!