Monday, March 2, 2009

The Rest of the Story

We had a weekend worthy of a Paul Harvey broadcast. Couldn't have possibly fit it all in one segment. You would have had to come back for "the rest of the story."

Alas, it's not to be. The great news and information icon passed away this weekend - less than one year after his wife. I bet they are enjoying heaven - what with all those unanswered questions answered, and stories finished.

So, I guess I'll tell you my story. We'll try and make it in one segment, but you know that means you get the ever handy "list" format. In a timeline. Try to keep up . . .

Friday - 7:30 am - off to work. Boys stay home with dad and have a great day (see previous post). I actually get a lot done.

Friday - 4:00 pm - get off early to watch the boys' high school basketball team play in the state playoffs. They've made it to the semi-finals!

Friday - 6:20 pm - quick dinner at McDonald's drive-through before going to the coliseum.

Friday - 9:00 pm - they won! Great game. Lots of excitement. They will play for the championship tomorrow. Woo Hoo!

Friday - 11:00 pm - Make it back to town. Pick up truck from repair shop. Stop at Safeway for breakfast and lunch essentials for tomorrow.

Friday - 11:30 pm - Finally home. Actually stayed awake and talked with Matt during the drive. Make biscuits for tomorrow's breakfast. From a can. Set out clothes. Pack hockey bags.

Saturday - 5:30 am - Is that my alarm? Isn't it Saturday? Can't we sleep in? No.

Saturday - 6:00 am - After a snooze (or two) and a shower. Make eggs & sausage for breakfast sandwiches. Assemble biscuits, meat, eggs & cheese. Make special bowls for Chance & Colton, who decide they don't want sandwiches after all. Find plastic spoons and napkins for car. Pack extra clothes for boys. Pack cooler with drinks, snacks, and lunch for the day.

Saturday - 6:30 am - Leave for "nearby" college town for hockey tournament.

Saturday - 9:15 am - Arrive at said town. Use very handy "Around Me" application in iPhone to quickly find the nearest Starbucks. Suddenly everyone is happier.

Saturday - 9:30 am - find ice rink. Get Chance dressed. Figure out Colton has no coat, and we are attending TWO hockey games today. Wrap Colton in a blanket. We are ready for Chance's 10:00 game. Which isn't supposed to start until 10:30. Dang. Coulda slept another 1/2 hour.

Saturday - 11:45 am - Chance's team loses 5-2. It was a good game, though. Tied 2-2 at the start of the last period, then we kind of shut down. Chance scores his first goal in a real game as a Squirt. It was awesome. Sydney Crosby, watch out!!

Saturday - 12:00 - Head to nearby town for 2nd game of double-header.

Saturday - 12:30 pm - Arrive. Quickly dress and prepare for 2nd game, which was supposed to start at 12:30. Now we are the ones holding things up. Ugh! The flakiness - it is getting to me.

Saturday - 2:00 pm - Team loses 10-1. We are gassed out. There were moments of brilliance, but they were fleeting and far between.

Saturday - 2:30 pm - Head for tourney-town. Mapquest says 4 hours. I think it's wrong. It wasn't. Eat packed lunch on the way.

Saturday - 5:00 pm - Take a break at Sportsman's Warehouse. We all need to stretch our legs. Matt need bullets. Good combo.

Saturday - 6:30 pm - Arrive in tourney-town. Head to famous burger joint to eat dinner. It sucked. Known for their size, not their flavor. No thanks.

Saturday - 7:00 pm - Head to the coliseum and find our seats. Girls' game before ours is a great one. Down to the wire. Girls played hard. Fun to watch. Our game is a nail-biter. We end up losing by 7, but the game was within 2-5 points, going back and forth the whole way. 2nd in the State - not too shabby!

Saturday - 11:00 pm - gas up and head for home. I don't make it this time - I'm asleep at the top of the first hill. Matt has to go it alone. Thanks, honey!

Sunday - 1:00 am - Finally home. Lug in boys, coolers, bags, and hockey stuff. Try to lay out sweaty hockey gear--it has only a few hours to dry.

Sunday - 6:30 am - Is that really my alarm? Isn't it Sunday? Can't we sleep in, even a little? No.

Sunday - 7:30 am - Head to town for church. One bonus, boys are tired, and very easy to keep still during the service. One drawback, Matt and I are tired, and very hard to pay attention during the service.

Sunday - 9:15 am - Again, to the ice rink - via Starbucks.

Sunday - 10:00 am - Chance plays another hockey game. We lose 3-0, but it is the best game of the weekend. Our last game with this team was a 10-1 loss. We are getting better. They look a lot better. Maybe I'm just groggy.

Sunday - 12:00 noon - Finally HOME! My chair never felt so good. Make a quick lunch, and settle in for a good, old-fashioned afternoon nap. Whew! We made it!

Thank you so much, Matt, for all your help this weekend! We make a great team! I know I couldn't do it without you. Wouldn't ever want to try. Hope you're getting some rest at work today - heaven knows we both need it!!


Cali said...

I'm tired, and I only read it. And the worst part is... that was the weekend, the coveted days off. Back to work on monday. You are quite the M-O-M!


Miller Family said...

I am so tired just reading your hectic schedule. It pays to be an organized person doesn't it?!

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Whoa, Heather. What a whirlwind. You can fit more in 24 hours than I'd ever dream.

I'm gonna miss ole Paul Harvey.

Anonymous said...

My very earliest memory of my Grandfather is sitting under a shade tree on a hot summer afternoon during harvest, eating lunch and listening to Paul Harvey. It was quiet time and I struggled to sit still while he listened to the news. I didn’t understand what Mr. Harvey was talking about, but I sure knew what Grandfather meant when he pointed his finger at a fidgety 5 year old and said “Enough”. It was enough, the first time too. So I quietly watched as the smartest man I knew sat and listened to someone he respected recite the news of the day. There is no person in history I respect and miss more than my Grandfather. In my mind, Mr. Harvey and Mr. Hull are almost one and the same, EVERY time I heard Mr. Harvey I thought of my Grandfather, EVERY time. They are both Grand old sages I wish I could have a little more time with.

"And now, Page 2"

Darla said...

You two do make a great team. You are both very lucky to have each other & I will never know how you get all that you do accomplished. You my friend are WONDER WOMEN & he is SUPER MAN!!