Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My son, the carpenter

I'm starting to understand a little bit of the pride Mary must have felt in her son.

I know, in Joseph, she likely did not want for quality craftsmanship in the "honey-do's" of her time. He was a skilled carpenter.

I have a skilled husband, as well. His imagination, and I think his determination, know no bounds. I have many projects around the house from his skilled hands.

But, I'm finding there's nothing quite like resting your feet on the footstool that your son made for you, whether slightly imperfect or not. Watching the creative process come to fruition at the hands of a 9-year-old boy is a proud sight for this mama.

Saturday, we were having a pretty lazy morning. I was working on cleaning out the scrap room (more on that later), and Chance and Colton were either playing or vegging. By noon, I was tired of cleaning. Okay, who am I kidding, I was tired of cleaning by 9:45. I started at 9:30. But, as a result, I was a bit short on patience.

Neither boy was hungry, so I told them to go outside and find something to do. They had parked in front of the tv and computer long enough. Problem was, it had just started sprinkling. While I did not know of this precipitation when I laid down the gauntlet, I refused to let it weaken my resolve.

Chance, in an act of defiance, sat in a green chair right outside the door, under the porch. Technically doing as he was told, but having his own way nonetheless. He'd show me.

Matt saw him, and invited him to the shop to work on a project. Thankfully, Chance took him up on it.

Later in the afternoon, he was back in the house for a drink and a break. He asked me if I'd like a jewelry box. I would love a jewelry box! But, I was afraid it might be a bit beyond his current woodworking abilities. We spoke of necklace hangers, earring drawers, and all the complexities a jewelry box may hold, and I tried to steer him in a different direction.

When I was cleaning out the scrap room, I found many "good intentions" bags. You know those, right? The bags full of supplies and tools for the perfect Christmas present, the funkiest gift idea, the shabbiest, chicest, do-it-yourself home decor? I have so many ideas, yet so little follow through. Anyone want to make some vellum wrapped candle holders? Because I've got the supplies to make about 20, and it's all headed to a yard sale.

Anyway, I had found a bag with some cord, tassels, fabric, and caster wheels. I was going to turn a trunk into a footstool. I told Chance he could have the caster wheels for a project, and he asked me why I bought them. When I told him the original idea, he asked if I'd still like a footstool. I would love a footstool!

He had me sit in my chair and put my feet up, while he measured the height. Then we discussed length and width. He had no desire to start with a silly trunk. He wanted to start from scratch.

Two days, a sheet of plywood, some fragments of 2 x 4's, and two sets of caster wheels later, the rough draft of the stool came in the house. It looked pretty good!

A trip to Wal-Mart for some stuffing and fabric, and we were ready to finish up. Matt and I helped him cover the sides last night, and we finished with a pillow top tonight. He even still used the decorative buttons, and it looks SOOOOOO GOOD! And, it opens to hold all my magazines. Smart kid ;)

I'll let you judge for yourself:

What do you think?

What do you imagine Jesus' first project was?

Was it imperfect in any way?

If so, are you with me that Mary still couldn't have been more proud?


Cali said...

I'm with you... it's beautiful and sweet. What was Colton doing during all this? Playing by himself in the rain... or did he sneak back inside (that's what I always did, then just stayed out of sight).

tina said...

I am thoroughly impressed with the workmanship of a 9-year old! It's fabulous. Having ability to work with your hands in that fashion certainly is a skill worth developing!

Miller Family said...

Wow. It is beautiful and I know your heart is full of love and pride!!! I am very impressed with his craftsmanship. Maybe he could make more and sell at the yard sale!
It's hard to fathom what Mary felt, but if this is an inkling, oh my!