Tuesday, March 24, 2009

How old are you, anyway?

Daddy, where's the chore chart?

On the counter, I think.

I'm going to do a couple chores before school this morning to earn extra money.

*Side note - the boys each have chores they are responsible for, just for
the joy of living in our home. Then, there's a list at the bottom of paid
chores. Chance is trying really hard to earn enough money to buy his own hunting
rifle. My dishwasher has never been emptier :)

So, he finds the chore chart, and you can hear him saying - don't wanna do that one, not gonna do that, don't like toilets, etc, etc, etc . . .

Matt says - Hey buddy! You should consider yourself lucky that you even get paid for this stuff! When I was a boy, the chores were bigger, there were more of them, and they didn't pay but a quarter of what you're getting.

Dad, back when you were a kid, a quarter was A LOT of money!!!!


Miller Family said...

Lately we have been dealing with the tooth fairy and the grandparents think teeth are worth $5 and $10. YIKES! Our tooth fairy gives 50cents and I remember as a kid it was a dime and maybe a quarter if we were lucky.

I love that your kids want to do chores to earn money for their wants. That's been another hot topic, needs vs. wants. Hard to debate sometimes with a 5 1/2 yr old.

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Oh ho. 25 cents WAS a lot of money. He won with that, you know. You could buy a candy bar or a pop or an ice cream bar or 5 juke box songs or (for a measly 31 cents) a small fry AND fry sauce.

And...if we go all the way back to Verna, it could have bought a gallon of gas.

Cali said...

I want to know what Matt said back. I want to know how to answer those as parents. I especially want to know because I know my parents usually defaulted at that moment to the authority figure. "Don't talk like that, that's being sassy." Which, made me (the kid at the time) feel the sweetness of victory. They don't have a response and know I was right. Now I'm closer to being a parent than a kid... so... what do you say?

That was a great post. SO funny.

Anonymous said...

Cali, we've never met but you just made my entire childhood worth the fight, you said out loud what I only ever thought in my head. Thanks. I heard the "Don't talk back" line for the first time when I was 2 and with increasing regularity until I was 17. At which point they gave up and parented by the -ok we'll just tough it out one more year and the know it all will move out- attitude. I knew I was right, they knew I was right, they just didn't have a good answer for my common sense approach (and response) to their old fashioned way of looking at things. Lucky for me, I have been able to keep ahead of the curve when it comes to the problems facing my 9 year old know it all. I didn't fall for his taunt and respond with the typical end the conversation because I'm stuck comment. Nope not me, I simply began to yell at Heather to quit laughing and encouraging the boy and walked away (to my bedroom and slammed the door).

Anonymous said...

To Matt's comment - You still talk back after all these years. The only reason I let you get away with it is because I have yet to figure out a way to explain to my grandsons why their Daddy won't be home for a week because he's grounded at Grandmother's. There are so many other ways I can defend myself, but you'll figure it out once Colton gets a little older. YOU ARE SO IN FOR IT and I'm going to be right there reminding you!!!

I still love you,