Saturday, March 28, 2009

Black Powder Mama

I shot my first 54 caliber black powder rifle yesterday.

Okay, you got me - I shot my first any caliber black powder rifle yesterday.

What a wonder!

The only way I can see we won the revolutionary war was that the other side also had to do the same tedious measuring, pouring, packing, capping stuff before you could shoot ONE shot. It would have required much more patience than I possess.

I missed my target (I was a bit high), but I'm already certain Matt doesn't have it sighted in right, because Chance was a bit high as well. After all that rig-a-ma-roll it took to get a bullet (or miniature cannon as it seems to me) loaded, you'd think I could at least hit the target!

Oh well, better luck next time.


Black Powder Mama


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Yes! Miniature cannon describes it perfectly. Calvin wants to go grizzly hunting with his and I say, "No way, one shot will never take one down and you'll be bear fodder before you can reload."

Miller Family said...

Hi Black Powder Mama! How cool! In response to Jane's comment, I wouldn't want a family member to go bear hunting either.

Cali said...

"Miniature Cannon." Brilliant. That describes them completely. Shooting them gave a whole new meaning to "hunker down," because you're going to need to hide for 10 minutes while you reload. It also made sense why they had bayonets (sp?). Two soldiers run at each other while shooting black powder rifles. They both miss. Better plan on stabbing the other guy... not shooting him.