Monday, February 9, 2009

A word of advice - don't take your dog to the spa

So, I got a new alarm clock for Christmas. It's a "spa" alarm clock, complete with several soothing white-noise options, a timer to fall asleep to said white noise, outside air temp, time and temp projector, and amazingly, has a clock and an alarm as well.

Insert Jake.

Some days, I think my dog is very smart. Other days, not so much.

I love the white noise thing. Especially when Matt is out of town. It helps with my tendency to absolutely freak out over every little noise in our rickety old house, and allows my over-active imagination to relax and sleep already.

Except that Jake can't seem to figure out this white noise maker.

He doesn't understand why it's raining in my bedroom and nowhere else.

So, he barks.

Then, he wanders the house, searching for another room that's reporting said rainstorm.

He finds none.

So he barks some more.

Now, white noise or not, I'm hearing all sorts of things and wondering if Jake really hears something, or if the "rain" just has him befuddled.

So much for relaxing.

Stupid dog.

On a more positive note, it appears my dog must dream of running wild and free at the beach. Because the "Ocean Sounds" white noise? It doesn't bother him one bit. It just makes him run in his sleep, and grunt these little playful grunts. I wonder if he's sleeping on the East coast or the West coast?


Miller Family said...

Oh my goodness that is hilarious. At first I thought you might have gone for a spa weekend....

I have a very active imagination as well and when Dan is gone, I don't sleep well at all. Last time he was gone snowmobiling, I got alot of scrapbooking done and reading because I couldn't sleep. I was exhausted when he got home. I might need to get a spa alarm clock.

tina said...

Too funny! We have to sleep to babbling brook, I think is what it is. It's been good. Our dog does the same thing - he's got a bit of paranoia, which is definitely worse when my husband isn't home. As time goes on, it gets worse too. It can be quite annoying sometimes, but it does make me feel good that he's just trying to do his job to protect the fam.

Snowbrush said...

I too thought you meant something different, and I thought that, yes indeed, dogs and hot tubs don't mix (fur clogging the filters and all).

Our dogs also get strung-out when I'm away. Dogs seem to be very aware of male/female physical strength differentials, and look more to the man of the house for security.