Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Picture Flashback

Anita tagged me for the "6th picture in the 6th folder" thing, and I've been absolutely dragging my feet, because it's a silly picture that doesn't even have anyone in my family in it. So, I'm doing kind of my own thing, but I'll still try to at least stick with the theme . . .

5th picture in the 5th folder - the boys taking care of the bees.
Fourth picture in the 4th folder - Chance (26) taking a shot on goal in a hockey game.

3rd picture in the 3rd folder - Colton at his Horse Ridin' Birthday last year.

2nd picture in the 2nd folder - Our happy little snowman from last winter.

1st picture in the 1st folder - 2007 portraits of the boys.

Okay, so obviously I've already broken the rules, and anyone whom I tag will wonder why it would be binding, anyway. Regardless, I'm tagging Darla, Tracy, Cali, Ande, and Donna! Oh, and you too Michelle! Post the 1st picture in the 1st folder, the 78th picture in the 78th folder, or anything in between. Photo Freedom, right Darla????


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Oh Heather, what a DELIGHTFUL twist. I love your pictures. Your subject matter is so diverse and yet, there's your family the whole way through.

I had to twist, too. My sixth folder? BACKGROUND PHOTOS that come with your computer. I just pretended it was out of place :)

Great post . . . as always.

Miller Family said...

Check out my picture tag that I did on Wed, Jan 14th. Mine was supposed to be the fourth in the fourth.

I like how you did yours. I just love looking back on old pictures.