Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What's Going On In Your World?

It's sure been busy in mine!

As I think over the last few weeks, it can only be recapped with a handy, chronologically organized list, with photos interspersed. Or maybe a chronologically organized sampling of photos, with a list interspersed. I'll let you know at the end which one it is.

A Christmas Program

Gingerbread Houses

Hockey practice, in which Matt has to pull the boys off the ice before their toes freeze off at the -10^ outdoor hockey rink!

My company Christmas party

Matt's dad's family's Christmas gathering (that's an awful lot of apostrophes!)

More hockey.

Sleeping under the Christmas Tree

A day at mom & dad's for a Christmas Eve family gathering


A fun, relaxing Christmas Day at home

Christmas with Matt's mom & Dennis
Bean bags and Lion King tickets - they were both kings!

The Hull family gathering

Skipped hockey for some snowmobiling fun

Church nursery

The big bedroom and closet clean-out

The boys play Legos at my work while I try to get some things done
The cleaning lady only finds one stray - great job, boys!

More hockey

A family New Year's Eve at Michael's, then the movies (Storyteller)

A fairly lazy New Year's Day, sleeping off the apple cider induced coma

More hockey

Housework and sledding - not necessarily in that order

A fun evening at Cali's wedding reception. Jane and Cali, you did a most fabulous job! It was great to see everyone.

More hockey

A meeting to present candidates to fill the open Prosecutor position in our county

Church and Sunday School

The great bathroom clean-out

First day of school - no, wait - SNOW DAY! Much fighting and whining from spoiled brats who are ready for Christmas break to be done already. Then I woke the boys up. A bit of Christmas undecorating, some more sledding, and an Animal Crossing marathon.

Finally, back to "normal". Work and school resume on schedule. And, you guessed it - more hockey.

So, what do you think, was it a list?

I'll tell you what I think - I had a real list. Of things I wanted to do during those 10 days off. Not many things got crossed off. Except for the fun. We definitely accomplished that one.


tina said...

you accomplished all that really matters - making great family memories! sounds pretty busy, but well worth while!

Anonymous said...

Welcom back Mrs. Kotter!