Saturday, January 10, 2009

Then There's This Guy . . .

Can't say I love this one any less. What a kid!

Here's a synopsis of our last two significant conversations:

1. After hockey

Mom, can I use my Starbucks card and get some hot cocoa?

(Insert Colt) - Yeah! I want some too!

We can get some, but if we're all going to get something, I'll just pay and we can use your cards another time.

Can I still get a Grande?

Why don't we compromise, and I'll get you a Tall instead of the kid size?

(Short pause)

Mom, I'd rather use my own card so I can get a Venti.

A Venti!! That's crazy, Chance! I thought you said you wanted a Grande?!?

Well, I didn't know we were negotiating, or I would have started higher . . .

2. On the way home

Dad slows way down ahead of us for a herd of deer to cross the road.

Everyone is excited to check them out.

One pretty good size buck, and 9 does.

I stop and get the camera out to take a couple pictures

Chance - Man, I wish I had a 12-gauge, my hunting license, 9 doe tags, and a handicapped hunting permit - I'd shoot 'em right from my seat!

I guess I should be glad he knew all the facets of that scenario which might actually make it legal . . .

1 comment:

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

OH MY GOODNESS! How are you EVER going to out negotiate him in a few years? Incredible reasoning. Incredible and funny.