Friday, January 30, 2009

Happy Birthday to the love of my life.

Today is Matt's birthday. And so, today, we celebrate Matt.
Although some (Cali Payne Follett) question his very existence, I am so glad to have this guy as my partner in this life. I could not think of anyone better.
Matt - Happy Birthday. Below is a photo chronology of all the things we loved about you this year. Enjoy!

You have mad dune "bogie" skillz.

You are the best dad, and you readily play with the boys.

You are a considerate son and grandson

You are passionate about your beliefs.
(Did I really just put passionate on a caption of a picture of you and another woman? I must be feeling secure today :)

You make gift giving and receiving very fun.

You stay connected. "I love technology . . . ."

You are a dedicated professional.

And a great camp cook.

You automatically take on many responsibilities in our family, and teach the boys to do so as well.

You rock.

You're dadgum handsome.

You are a hard worker.

You are the boys' hero.

You appreciate the little things, and know sometimes they are the biggest things.

You are a great partner in crime.

You gracefully acknowledge your son's superior fishing skillz.

You are involved and interested in the boys' endeavors.

Your vision and abilities on any project you take on are unsurpassed.

You rock.

You know my love language.

You are my dream come true.


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

What a guy and what a tribute! You two are a great team.

Anonymous said...



Miller Family said...

AAAHH! What a guy! You two are great and I love the picture of Matt flying the kite. What a special image. Happy Birthday Matt from one of Heather's scrapbooking buddies. Does that mean you won't be at Sydney's tonight for scrapbooking? A good reason not to be. Enjoy your evening!!!

Cali said...

Oh Heather,

That was beautiful. I really, REALLY hope he is real now. In the words of someone who knows,

"... As usual, you have captured the magic of your subject matter."

I couldn't put it better myself. What a lucky man.

Cali (the skeptic)

A said...

What a touching and beautiful tribute! Everyone should be fortunate enough to have a relationship like this.