Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Dinner Question(s)

This weekend's dinner questions were pretty fun. The boys answers are even more fun!

1. If you could go back in history, what famous person would you meet, and what 1 question would you ask them?

Chance - I would ask Jesus what it was like to have two very different parents.

Colton - I would ask Napoleon Dynamite what kind of skillz he had.

Colton - I would ask Diego if animals could really talk.

Heather - I would ask Abraham Lincoln how he knew he was doing God's will (with his life) after so many trials and failures. I would have questioned whether I was even on the right track.

Matt - I would ask President Reagan where he got the courage to go against all his advisers and confront Mr. Gorbachev.

Matt - for the finale - I would ask Sponge Bob a one word question . . . . . REALLY???????

2. Tell each family member their best trait or what you like best about them.

Mom - Chance - She's a really good cook and baker; Colton - She's really good at just staring at a book; Matt - She keeps our schedule on track, organizes the house, and manages the family.

Dad - Chance - He works really hard and he knows how to make stuff; Colton - He has a really good imagination with Legos; Mom - He provides for our family, and he works hard to let each of us know that he loves us, even if he has to show it a different way to each one.

Chance - Colton - He's good at shooting games and wrestling; Dad - I love how Chance really thinks things through, is very thorough, and knows all about what he's going to say; Mom - I love that Chance tries really hard at whatever he decides to attempt, from hockey to school to video games, he always gives 100%.

Colton - Chance - He's a really good indoor hockey player; Mom - I love Colton's laugh, that he likes to laugh, and that he wants to make other people happy; Dad - I love Colton's spontaneity, he jumps right in and does something, isn't shy, without thinking twice.


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

I LOVE these. This is going to be the greatest record to have.

Cali said...

These were WONDERFUL.

I loved your Reagan/Sponge Bob questions. I want to know if you are even real. Heather keeps saying she has a husband, but he never comes to scrapbook retreats... he didn't come to my wedding. Are you even real? If so, prove it.