Wednesday, January 28, 2009

'Cept we called it a Flutaphone

Oh, the days of "Enrichment" in grade school. It was the accelerated program that you got to do for a few hours each week, as long as your work was caught up and your grades were maintained.

In Enrichment, we learned things like Calligraphy, State Capitols (on a nifty, lit, wooden map of the United States - when you touched matched the state with the correct capital, it would light up), Computers, and the Flutaphone.

I vividly remember squeaking out the Marines' Hymn and America (My Country 'Tis of Thee). . . . .from the halls of Montezuma . . . .SQUEAK!!!!

Oh, those were the good times. They led to some great musical achievements, including clarinets, flutes, trumpets, and the like. We were some gifted musicians, mainly, I think, because of our humble flutaphone beginnings.

Fast forward a few (ish) years. It's now officially called a Recorder. Let me tell you, though, the fancy name doesn't make it squeak any less! But Chance is ready to master it. In fact, he's going to use this very official Recorder device to "Rock The House"!

Just ask him . . .

You go, Master Recorder Player, you go.


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Flutaphones? I've never heard them called that, but that is the most perfect name for them. Much more descriptive than recorders.

The recorder years....those can be long ones...especially once the younger kids find them and use them as a tooting horn toy.

Rock on Heather.

2toads2luv said...

Ok, you just took me back! Remember in either kindergarten or first grade (all I remember was that Mrs. Kendrick was our teacher) Todd brought a coconut to school, so we could taste one like his grandparents had in Hawaii? I wrapped mine in a piece of that brown paper we dried our hands with to take it home and show my mom and dad. I was almost in tears when I got home, pulled out my treasure, and it was a shrivelled piece of cocnut meat. It looked NOTHING like the thing we ate only hours ago. Could have been a great lesson in evaporation had I been older.

And yes, who could forget America, The Beautiful on the flutaphones with Mr. Kendrick. I still have that state capital thing in my closet at the ranch. New batteries and new bulb, should work like a charm! And what WERE those "computer" things we did???

Oh, the tub in Ms. Hammond's room... how cool was that?

Anonymous said...

Can you hook it up to an amp?