Sunday, December 14, 2008

Game On!

We had a fun weekend in the Tri-Cities watching Chance play hockey. This was his first tournament of the year, and his first real competition playing as a Squirt, which is the 9 & 10 year old division of youth hockey.

It seems to be a huge step up from last year (Mites, 8 Under) - in speed, positions, physical play, and competition. I'm going to pull a typical mom move and say "he just looked so big out there!"

Last year was the first year our community had organized hockey, and it was reflected in our scores. The first tournament we went to was something like 24-0, 27-1, 25-0. Inexperienced was truly an understatement.

This time, it was 11-0, 7-0, and 10-0. Vast improvement.

In the first two games, the other team didn't score for several minutes into the first period, and our kids looked halfway like they knew what they were doing! The improvement is amazing.

Chance was still very disappointed that they lost every game, and even more disappointed that they didn't even score. But, he got a few shots on goal that were really strong shots, and blocked by a goalie that must have been a teenager. Okay, the goalie was certainly a 9 or 10 year old, but at least they had to actually play defense, if only a few times!

Our poor goalie took 61 shots the first game, and I'm sure had similar numbers the next two games. That's a whole lot of shots to have to block. And, that doesn't count all the times a shot got deflected by a defender before it reached the goalie. The kids worked their tails off!

Chance slept all the way home, went to bed on time, and still didn't want to get up this morning. He was one tired kid!

Here's to an improving team that's getting more and more fun to watch. To a great coaching staff that is both patient and tough. And mostly, here's to scoring at least one goal in our next game. As with the team last year, we are "ON THE RISE!"

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Ande Payne said...


Oh Thanks you so much for your comments! Thank you for your advice and your encouragement are both especially appreciated. Thank you for your example and for being someone I truly look up to!


p.s. Hockey looks fun!