Friday, December 12, 2008

At least some of the lessons are sticking.

We had to do some shopping the other day.

To the Dollar Store for tablecloths, gift wrap, and bows.

To Safeway for Gingerbread kits.

Also, which might seem unrelated, the boys' school is doing a canned food drive. A little bit of competition was added in, where the class with the most cans got awarded a pizza party.

The food drive ended the next day, and Chance's class was 200 cans behind. His class only has 14 kids, so he had figured if everyone brought 20 more cans, they'd still have some cushion.

He also figured that someone would forget, so he wanted to bring 50 cans of food to school the next day.


So, we're making our way through our first stop - the Dollar Store.

I love the Dollar Store.

As we are perusing the Christmas aisles, Colton generously says - "Mom, it's okay if you want to look here. I'll be patient while we work our way back to the toy section. We can just work our way back there, okay?"


We finish with the wrapping paper, etc, and are headed toward the toys. They can each pick out one toy. I'm such a big spender.

Anyway, they look and look and look, undecided about which foreign-made plastic trinket that will be broken tomorrow anyway to purchase.

Colton gets a knight shield.

Chance decides not to get anything.

He wants to head to the canned food section and see how many cans he can buy for the food bank.

What a little sweetheart!

Some might think his mama's competitive nature was coming out in him. Or that he just likes pizza a whole bunch.

But, I'm going to stick to the surface on this one, and remember that my boy decided to forgo toys in order to buy food for people in need. It makes for a much better scrapbook page!

Besides, either way, he got one of two main family lessons correct:

  1. Help somebody if you can.

  2. Always try to win.

Not necessarily in that order. Even though they should be.

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Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Oh Heather, this is good. I just love how you combine honesty, humor and reality in your posts.