Saturday, December 13, 2008

And so we punted

We were supposed to have a Gingerbread Party last night. The kids each chose a few friends, and we invited their families over to eat, relax, and construct gingerbread houses.

Mother Nature had other plans. Her plans called for rain, then snow, then icy fog, combined with kazillion mph winds. With us living approximately in the middle of nowhere, this was not a good party combination.

Many friends called to cancel, and I could not blame them a bit. But, with each cancellation, the tears loomed that much closer for the boys. Finally, we were down to two other families, and I called them to cancel and reschedule - not wanting anyone to brave the roads for a now less-than-stellar attempt at a party.

It was approaching all-out meltdown for two boys that had been looking forward to a veritable gingerbread village all week.

Talk of icy roads and inclimate weather did little to sooth them. I even pulled the "we don't know what plans God has for this" card, to no avail.

We re-scheduled for this Friday, and made several phone calls. This appeared to lessen the pain.

Then, we made the best of the situation.

We threw together some ham sandwiches from the ham and rolls we were supposed to eat.

We made some hot cocoa.

We put in a movie (thanks, Tina).

And we absconded one of the precious Gingerbread Party kits to make as a family.

It turned out all right.

I hadn't seen this version of Miracle on 34th Street, and we all enjoyed it.

We actually learned a couple things that will help us this weekend for the "real", albeit postponed, Gingerbread Party, which will save some catastrophes, I'm sure.

And, we had fun.
If nothing else, I'm all about the fun.

Okay, that's a lie. I'm all about the planning and scheduling and lists and such. But God laughed at my plans and threw them out the window, right down the icy roads. So, for one night, I was all about the fun. It was good for us all.

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