Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thankful Statements

A quick, easy idea for your Thanksgiving decorations is a tradition we started in our family a few years ago. It's all about thankfulness.
I have each person that is going to attend the Thanksgiving meal give me 2 "Thankful Statements". Then, I transfer them onto business cards, in fall colors and fun fonts.

After I cut out the business cards, I take 4 x 6 card stock, and fold in 1/2, creating a table tent. Then, I adhere the business card with the thankful statement to one side, and either add embellishments (if I have time), or let the words speak for themselves.

Then, we just set up the table tents - there are usually 30-50 of them, in the centerpiece of the table, around the serving area, and any other flat spots that are easily accessible. It's fun to walk around and see what the kids wrote, and interesting to see how people's perspectives change from year to year.
I've saved all of our family's from each year (everyone takes home their own at the end of the meal), and I'll someday make a THANKFUL scrapbook out of all of our Thankful Statements.
Darla - can you tell I'm getting ready for Circle Journal?????


2toads2luv said...

What a great idea, and how touching to be able to look back through everyone's notes through the years! I love it!

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

I love this idea, Heather. It's so doable and purposeful.

Darla said...

This is awesome!!! And I can't wait to see it in my journal!!
Hope your holidays were great