Thursday, November 20, 2008

Multiple Hats, Multiple Glasses - at least they're both in the accessory family

I've been wearing more hats than usual the past week. It has caused my head to feel a bit cluttered and befuddled, which is the excuse I'm using for why I'm possibly losing my mind. Please promise to visit me in the asylum.

In the last few days, I have been a tourist, vacationer, wedding reader, sister, speech giver, daughter, long-distance mother, grateful student, comforting friend, wife, employee, conference call participant, blogger, at-home mother, packer, unpacker, meeting attendee, hockey mom, launderer, lunch packer, auction organizer, data enterer, decision maker, classroom project organizer, snack supervisor, computer helper, dog retriever, bible study attendee, shopper, reader, school board member, and others that I'm sure I'm forgetting.

Needless to say, not one hat is getting its required face time. It's a take whatever you can get kind of place at the top of my head. And yesterday, the good mommy hat must have found it too crowded.

For, somewhere in the back of my mind, Colton's glasses probably looked too big when he was heading out the door for school, and for certain they were uncharacteristically clean.

At church dinner, I had opportunity to maybe look a little closer. They were more droopy than usual.

He requested us to go get them tightened.

Said he couldn't see very well.

Probably because I let him go all day with his big brother's spare glasses.

This morning, his exclamation of "Mommy, I can see everything!" couldn't have made me feel any more guilty.

Mom of the year - right here.

Sorry, Mrs. Cloyd. It wasn't that he didn't know it was an apple you were pointing to - he just couldn't see you. We'll do better tomorrow.


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

What a great post. You have a way of saying so much in one post.

Hang in there....(ha, but one more use for you...instead of another hat you can be the hat rack).

2toads2luv said...

LOL! I'm sure you probably do deserve MOTY!! But I know how it feels to be in the loser mom of the year shoes, too.

Last year Ryan kept telling me his boot was too small, I kept telling him it wasn't, he couldn't have grown that much overnight. Crammed his foot in, he obediently didn't say anything else, and sent him to daycare.

Yeah... well, turns out his SOCK from the day before was wadded up in there.

Way to go, loser mom... Sorry little dude!

P.S. Did Maggie really come home with another dog????