Monday, November 24, 2008

Honey - Our Golden Opportunity

So, we bottled up some honey this weekend.

6 gallons to be exact.

I hope we have enough to last us through the year. I'd hate to get to next October, and not have a squirt of the sweet nectar for my English muffin. Extra crispy sourdough, of course.

I think, if we don't give too much away at Christmas, we'll still be okay.

The boys both helped with the bottling process, and these were Colton's observations.

Matt was running the propane burner, I was ladling, Colton was putting lids on, Matt was also rinsing any drippy bottles, and Chance was applying the brim of the honey bear hat, which includes handy honey info like how much is in the bottle and how to snip the top of the squirty tube.

Wow. I'm extra intelligent tonight, aren't I?

Anyway, we had a pretty good system going. Minimal spills, and lots of honey.

Colton - Hey we're all in a line!

Daddy - Like an assembly line, huh buddy?

Colton - Yep, and we all have opportunities.

Mommy - Opportunities?

Colton - Yep. Opportunities!

Mommy - Like what?

Colton - Opportunities - you know, those things you have to do when you don't get to do the cool stuff.

Daddy - Ohhhhh. Do you mean responsibilities?

Colton - Yeah. Responsibilities. We all have responsibilities. Can we take a break now?


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

You know this is coming, but Heather this is such a sweet post.

Where in the world did you find bears to fill? Wait. Let me guess. The internet?

Miller Family said...

What a fun, family learning opportunity. Honey does make great Christmas gifts.

Cali said...


I got a kick out of this post. Opportunities... Responsibilities. Opportunities is just a nice name for responsibilities. Hey... I have a BIG SOMETHING to mail you. Unfortunately it isn't a circle journal (my mom didn't tell me about that... she didn't want to include me). BUT, it is a really good surprise, and it requires I have your mailing address. Do you mind e-mailing it to me? I promise, you won't be sorry.