Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Who Are You?

Thanks to the Pioneer Woman, I have had this little post kicking around in my head since yesterday. She challenged her readers to describe themselves in 5 adjectives. It was all based on a movie I know nothing about (maybe you do), but seemed intriguing anyway.

So, here I am. In 5 adjectives or less:

  1. Saved
  2. Loved
  3. Famous - at least in 2 little minds
  4. Busy
  5. Particular - well, except the Flat Spots

Okay, I'm noticing many of my bloggy friends have had trouble getting regular posts up the past couple weeks. And I'm with ya. Which is why I'm offering this easy, pre-made, fast, yet informative idea. Like a "Bed in a Bag", only for your blog. Consider yourself tagged!


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Strong, Determined, Smart, Athletic, Competitive, Kind, Generous, Funny . . . why did you stop at 5?!

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Pretty. How could we both forget pretty?

Alison said...

I saw that post too, and just haven't been challenged (or put the thought into it) to come up with my own. But nice job on yours. I thought it was interesting how so many on PW's blog described themselves according to their status in life... married, mother, ect. It's probably how I'd describe myself too, so I haven't done it yet because being introspective would require a thought process...

Overwhelmed! said...

How fun! I love your 5 adjectives!

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