Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I'll take the color wheel for $100, Alex

What do Yellow and Green make?

Or Yellow, but really Green?

Or, not quite Green, but undeservedly Yellow?

Here is Colton's account of yesterday, as told by Tina.

She was picking him up from Kindergarten, and notices a boy telling his dad that he got a yellow behavior marker that day. The boy is distraught. Maybe he's never gotten a yellow before?

So, Tina overhears Mrs. Cloyd say it was a rough day for the whole class, and everyone got their marker changed.

About that time, she overhears another first-time-yellow telling her mom what had happened. Tina turns to the mom to let her know it was a whole class deal.

So she asks Colton - Did everyone in the class get yellow?

Colton's response - Yeah! And for the first time, it wasn't me! How fair is that????

Welcome to the United States economy, Colton. Sometimes we all pay, whether we were the ones that screwed up or not. Hang in there buddy, it gets easier to swallow as time goes on. Or not.

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