Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I Got My First Real Six-String

Oh. Yes. We. Did.

Ignore the dust, please. Concentrate on the screen. There is no little man behind the curtain . . .

Steve Miller's "The Joker" will never be the same.

Neither will my living room.


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Is your house as tone deaf as ours? When we played (a borrowed set) we laughed so hard at how bad we were.

I'm gonna practice so we can perform together. Maybe by next year's retreat, we'll have a full gig.

Anonymous said...

Wanted: A few good tone deaf roadies, a producer that knows how to operate a Wii, and tour bus driver with a bus, and manager that knows how to handle fits of tiredness, provide treats, and cater to exotic requests like extra cheesy mac and cheese, not to hot hot chocolate, and cereal bowls with straws.

Autographs provided upon request. Tour to begin each day after 3 pm.

2toads2luv said...

Too bad it looks like none of the boys are having any fun at all- especially the oldest one!

Cali said...


Let me just paint the picture of my parent's tone deaf house.
Three of us rocking out in the living room.
My mom and dad in the kitchen snickering and laughing at the rockin' trio behind their backs.
Me commenting between verses (on the mic) "Dang, I'm bad!" and then me uninhibitedly crooning right into the next verse.
Finding out later that upon my "I'm bad" comment, my dad whispered to my mom, "No $#!+... Sherlock."
The audacity of the non-rockers to MOCK!
ROCK on Heather and Band!


Susan said...

I LOVE the picture. That is too, too awesome!

Darla said...

This is priceless!!!!

Rock on Matt and Boys....