Tuesday, September 9, 2008

What a chore!

School's in session. It's time to get back to normal, back to basics, and back to some sort of schedule.

The boys are settling in well, so I decided to spring the chore chart back on them. It's a great time to get things back in line.

Realizing that we hadn't done the chore chart all summer, and so realizing that some of the rooms and chores would be "big jobs" the first time around, for the last week a $$PAID$$ chore list has been available. I would pay the boys to do the chores on the list, with all of us understanding that many of these things would be on this week's chart for no pay at all.

They completed a grand total of 3 things. 2 for Chance. 1 for Colton. Colton attempted a 2nd thing, but decided he was just too young to earn money. He thinks he'll probably be 12 before he gets a Nintendo DS (which he was going to save his money for).

On Sunday night, while they were in front of the tv, I tried to gently remind them again. Does anyone want to put the clothes away? It's a chore that is worth $2!!

Chance - do I have to put them all away, or just mine?

Me - All of them - that's why it's worth $$.

Chance - Nah.

Me - Do you understand that tomorrow, this will be on your chore chart for free?

Chance - Yeah, but then it will just be my own clothes, not Colton's too.

Me - So, you'd rather do 1/2 for free, instead of doing them all to make money?

Chance - Yep.

Whatever. So, with minimal moans and groans, we started the drudgery last night. Here's the chart. There are daily chores, and then add-ons for extra $$ in their piggy bank.

Chance's last comment of the night (because I almost strangled him) - So, what do you and daddy do? Please see this post, Chance, before ever asking that question again.

How do you handle chores in your house?? Do you pay for chores? Do your kids get an allowance? What works for you??


tina said...

Well . . . at ages 6.1 and 3.75, my boys are REEEAALLY tough to get to do anything. We'ver tried bribing with money and they just don't get it. We usually threaten that after 10 minutes whatever is left on the floor goes in the garbage. We really only try to get them to pick up their toys every now and then. It's pretty dang frustrating and I am rackin' my brain on how the hay am I going to get these guys to do something with out throwing a fit. I don't like to clean either - just has to be done. If they are so much like me, why don't they think like me? :)

Miller Family said...

This summer we had a chore chart and it went pretty well. Each week the chores would switch so they each had four big things to do...ex windex windows, dust living room, vaccuum, wipe counters in bathroom, empty garbage, fold laundry, sweep under dining table, weed garden etc. I of course would help them, but would do the showers and toilets on my own until they are a little bit older and I won't worry about them and cleaning products. We haven't done the allowance thing yet. Haven't really talked about it, but I think Ty is probably getting old enough to understand it. I am always up for suggestions! These boys are starting to release their rowdy genes. Not used to this stage.