Thursday, September 25, 2008

All because two people fell in love.

Okay, I'm almost addicted to the DQ Banana Cream Pie Blizzard.

Thanks, Darla.

It's like crack in a to-go cup.

Thus, my Mexico waistline still eludes me.

Darla says just to find someone on the beach heavier and stand by her, and I'll feel better.


Anyway, today I had to run into town for a fax toner cartridge for work. The danger was eminent. The fax had actually stopped printing, and was flashing all sorts of lights and signals. I was happy to jump in to the rescue, and to pick up Banana Cream Pie Blizzards on the way back.

I get the toner, and make the call to the office to see how many delectable treats I need to be returning with. Head count = 4.

I get to the Dairy Queen drive-through.

The order speaker is at the back of the building, and I'm assuming cannot be fully seen by the girl working the drive-through.

The drive through is full, and I pull close to the speaker, but still about 1/2 of a car length behind. Apparently, though, close enough to set off the bells and whistles that tell the extra-helpful order gal that I'm there.

"I can help you whenever you're ready," she says.

I am silent. I pretend not to hear. I'm still 1/2 of a car length back, and don't really need to shout to the world that the chubby gal in the car by herself is ordering 4 blizzards. Albeit small ones.

Again. "Go ahead and order whenever you're ready."

I pretend my window is not down. After all, it's understandable that I may not have rolled it down yet, based on the fact that I'm still 1/2 a car length behind!!

Finally, the line moves forward, and I am able to drive up in front of the actual speaker. I politely order my blizzards, even though now she's a little annoyed because this is the third time she's asked.

4 Heaven-in-a-cup Banana Cream Pie Blizzards, with lids and a carrier, please.

No problem, please pull forward.

It appears as though there is now about a full car length between myself and the car ahead of me. I have a chance to be a hero! I can save the gal behind me from the 1/2 car length frustration and embarrassment!

I inch forward, trying to see if the gal can make it to the speaker.


I hit the car in front of me.

Oh, crap!

Quick, reverse! No, wait! Not so quick! Don't hit the one behind you, too!!

I properly secure my car, and lean out the window to thoroughly apologize to the car in front of me.

She is not impressed.

Thankfully, I was only going 0.025 mph, and it didn't actually hurt anything.

Except my pride.

Hopefully, she got a blizzard, too. I think if she did, she is already feeling a lot better about the whole ordeal. I know I am!

All because two people fell in love . . .

. . .with a blizzard.


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Darla's advice is so profound. Once, when I went to Hawaii, I sat in a room full of stately Polynesian men and women and I felt positively lithe when I left the room.

I've really got to try those blizzards. Let's go together and eliminate the guilt factor.

Darla said...

Janey Payne,
Yes we should all go together but CAN I DRIVE ???? *lol*

Who would have thunk I would have had to read about her drive thru experience in her blog... I only sit 10 feet from her :)

tina said...

Even though I usually get the same blizzard everytime I go to DQ, I did try one of the banana cream pie ones last weekend on our adventure. It was good! Who knew they could be so stinkin' dangerous though! :)

Miller Family said...

Outright laughter....I can barely type. I too LOVE the banana cream blizzards, but don't have any excuses to drive to ML anytime soon, or ever for that matter. Once in a blue moon we make it to ML and yes, Dan loves the Peanut Buster Parfait and me....the banana blizzard so we get to stop at DQ. Othello needs a DQ. It goes back to church potlucks when I was a kid and I would go to the dessert table first. Inevitably, there would always be at least two or three nilla wafer banana cream desserts. I would dish up the biggest amount I could without getting in trouble, eat some regular food, then top it off with more of the dessert. I thought it was a Texas thing. Great post.

Oh, about the THUNK? Who can blame a woman whose mind is on the banana cream blizzards she is about to encounter!!!!