Friday, August 15, 2008

You Are Already Missed

Wow. It's been a sorrowful day around this little bloggy community of ours. At the same time, it's been a day to look back and rejoice at the ways God places people in your life, and the many blessings each one brings.

Cynthia Milligan was that kind of blessing.

I remember very little of Cynthia from the first time I met her at a DJ Scrap Retreat. I would walk by her table every once in awhile, and she was always immersed in one movie or another with her headphones on. And my thought was always "How can she scrapbook like that? Doesn't she want to visit?" Then, she won the Most Pages contest, and I did not question her approach again. I'm pretty sure she got the most pages done at every retreat I have attended with her since. She was a scrappin' machine.

Thankfully, though, as we got to know her better, the headphones came off more and more, and we got to know Cynthia more and more. What an incredible lady. She talked lovingly of her family and children, and had great stories to tell of their activities and vacations. And, although she came out of her shell a lot, she still resisted complete surrender into Darla & my crazy antics. She usually would just laugh, shake her head, and say "I can't believe you two." It was so great to have her at our table at the last retreat. The picture at the beginning is one that Darla took at that retreat, and is my favorite by far of Cynthia. That ready smile is what I remember most about her - well, that and the washer and dryer, but we won't bring my covetousness into this post :)

It was even greater to get to know Cynthia through her blog. Between scrap retreats and card classes, I'd still know what was going on in their lives, how I could be praying for their family, and what new attraction was being added to the "funnest kid house in the world." I always loved that Cynthia was determined to have the kind of house the kids wanted to bring their friends to. That time spent at home, versus a friend's house, will now be some of the most cherished memories of her children.


  • You have my unwavering admiration for your compassion, your courage to adopt, your mothering, and your determination to scrapbook your family's legacy.

  • You have my undying jealousy for your double washer and dryer, your movie theater snack bar, and your ability to beat me at the Most Pages contest every time.

  • You have my unceasing prayers for peace and strength for your family.

  • You have my unending thanks for the blessings you brought to us all.

  • You will be missed.

Thank you for sharing a bit of yourself with us. Your scrapbooks, your cards, and your blog. You were a true blessing and a friend.


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

I'd forgotten how much you loved her laundry set-up!

What a nice tribute to Cynthia, Heather. It's like I mentioned on Darla's blog, great friends make great memories.

Thanks for sharing this with us.

Donna Chapin said...


Thank you for your thoughts about our friend Cynthia.
The blogs has come full circle to me with realizing that we know more about our lives by sharing our everyday stuff. Never having visited Cynthia's home I feel like I know her home because of her blog. Blogging apparently has more to offer then I gave it credit.
I love Jane's comment about friends make great memories.

SuperCoolMom said...

What a lovely tribute! I'll miss my blogfriend Cynthia too.

(and yes, totally envious of the fabulous laundry room too!)