Thursday, August 21, 2008

Tidbits, Snippets, and -isms

A few morsels that I have either overheard or been a part of this week.

Colton - See those seagulls over there, Mommy? The fat one's a girl.
Me - How do you know that?
Colton - Because, girls get fat like that.
Me - All of them?
Colton - Yeah, when they're pregnant!
Me - What do you know about being pregnant?
Colton - Just what Harley told me. That girls get fat when they're pregnant 'cause there's a baby in their tummy.
Little Girl at Swim Lessons (walks up to our table) - Hi Colton!
Colton - Hey. (acting very cool)
Me - Who's that, bud?
Colton - Oh, that's Sally from preschool.
Chance - Is she your girlllllllllfriend??
Colton (not missing a beat) - Chancey, I totally broke up with her before school got out.
Chance - Mommy, why are adults always on diets?
Me - Well, a lot of folks have eaten more bad foods than they should have, and probably weigh more than they want to weigh and be healthy.
Chance - But they keep going on them, and they don't work.
Me - Tell me about it!
Chance - I think they need a Dave Ramsey for dieters.
~Side note - Dave Ramsey is a financial counselor that we subject Chance and Colton to on the radio periodically. He has truly turned our financial lives around, and is household name around our place. At one point, Chance said he didn't want our town to get a Target (knowing how much I love Target), cause we'd have to listen to that Dave guy even more!!
Watching the Olympics
Colton - Mommy, is that girl from America?
Me - Yeah.
Colton - Good, 'cause America Rocks.
Me-Chance, do you want to go with your dad & Colt to ride the combine?
Chance - Do I have to?
Me - No, but you are invited.
Chance - Mom, I'm not really a "farming kind of kid". I'd rather stay home.
More Olympics
As we watch the USA Medley Relay team fight for Michael Phelp's 8th Gold
Matt - Swim! Swim faster! Go! Swim! SWIM! SWIMMMMMM!
Colton - Daddy, you know they can't hear you,right?


Miller Family said...

Wouldn't our lives be so dull if it weren't for the charming boys we have? They for sure keep us on our toes and say the darndest things. Check out my blog where Colin and Ty ask about babies. Michelle

Cali said...


along with my hiatus from writing, there was a hiatus from reading. I had a great time catching up on all you'd writen. I don't think I've told you before, but you are an AMAZING writer. The perfect mix of fact and wit. I love hearing about the daily conversations at your house. I'm impressed at your memory and ability to capture them. Thanks for all your comments. I love you witty responses.