Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Praying, continued . . .

Dear Jesus,

Thank you for this day.

Thank you for mommy and daddy and Colton and me and Jake. Please keep us safe.

Please help Jake not to mess with porcupines anymore, so he won't get whacked again.

Please help him to have a good night at the Dr.'s office.

Thank you for our soldiers. Please keep them safe.

Thanks for our vehicles. Please help them continue to run well.

Thanks that we got to go shopping for school supplies, and that we have a lot of supplies for school tomorrow.

Thanks that tomorrow is the first day of Kindergarten and 4th grade. Help our first day to be fun.

Please help us to get a good night's sleep, and have a good day tomorrow.




Darla said...

I loved both of these posts...they both have brought tears to my eyes..
I really wasn't laughing at you about Jake.. I was trying to give you moral support and thinking Matt is going to love this dog even more *lol*... You and Matt are doing such a great job with your boys... The last 5 weeks have been tough on you but 3 more days & you are done!!!! And you've done a great job!!!

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

It amazes me how specific your boys' prayers are, Heather. What a great gift you've given them to teach them how to pray.

How bad was the porcupine bill?