Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Numbers Game - BLOG Candy!!

We had such a fun time this weekend. Many of Matt's family member's came to town for our annual Hull BBQ.

We open up the "RV Park", cook lots of good food, receive lots of good food from guests, set up some volleyball and horseshoes, burn a few rounds into the shootin' range, and visit, eat, and visit some more - to our heart's content.

Continuing last year's new tradition, young and old alike showed off their athletic prowess on the Wii system.

I'm not positive, but I'm pretty sure Aaron came out with the best time slalom skiing, and John with the longest distance ski jump. Although Steph's hula-hoop was one of great numbers, I got the idea that Verna's hula-hoop was of greater impression! I can't believe I missed it.

Here are just a few of the numbers we kept loose track of during the weekend. How many can you guess?

1. Number of bags of garbage taken to the dumpster.

2. Number of desserts.

3. Number of batches of Mississippi Sin Dip.

4. Number of pounds of hamburger cooked.

5. Total number of attendees (hosts included).

6. Number of times the 1000 yard gong was hit in the shootin' expedition.

7. Number of RV's in the yard (hosts included).

8. Number of limbs that fell this year (sizable, anyway).

a) 2

b) 12

c) 8

d) 0

e) 18

f) 4

g) 1

h) 30

First person to post the answers (via the comments section) in the correct order wins their choice of yard stake from our website - Sunshine Metal. Come out, come out, all you lurkers - do not be afraid of the Anonymous comment. Give it a shot! Can't wait to see your attempts.

PS - Family Members - I am wayyyy short on pics of the weekend. Anyone who wants to share a picture cd, or link to Snapfish, etc. would be great. Thanks!


Tracy said...

Ok, you've got me out of lurkdom! :)

1 - B
2 - C
3 - A
4 - H
5 - E
6 - D
7 - F
8 - G

I'm sure that's not right - but I assume we can't duplicate answers! LOL

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

What a fun blog challenge, Heather! I love it.

1. b
2. c
3. a
4. e
5. h
6. d
7. f
8. g

You guys know how to put on a party. I love the Wii shots. How funny to be able to get those poses out of people that you usually only get a shot of in a chair or standing while talking to someone.

I'd have LOVED to see Verna do the hula hoop! Maybe she'll do an exhibition at retreat 2009.

snshull said...

Great, Great fun. Heres my try

Anonymous said...

Thanks for having us all! Tim wants me to "help" him with the answers...NO WAY! I'm going for the gold myself!

1) B
2) E
3) A
4) C
5) H
6) G
7) F
8) D


Yakimaniac said...

Not fair! Women have an unfair advantage in this contest. In order to answer this quiz correctly a person would have to be at multiple places at the same time (at both the rifle range and the living room for instance). Since this is not possible, a person would need to listen to and remember all the conversations to pick up the clues. And since everyone knows that men either 1) don't listen or 2) push the delete button after every conversation or 3) simply don't have a clue, then it follows that the women will always win. I propose a contest wherein the men folk have a fighting chance like say scratch'n and spitt'n. Yak

HeatherM said...

Yakimaniac - your wife isn't even close. These leaves your theory with many holes, and not holding much water. Great for the flowers, but not for winning the garden stake!! Go ahead and try - you might be surprised :)

Yakimaniac said...

Well I gotta go with Sam n Sandy's guess. It's the only other combination that looks right.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

By the way...I came up with my own answers and didn't look at what my mom said! I wasn't cheating off her!


Anonymous said...

Sound like a confession to me:) Like always a Great weekend.