Thursday, August 28, 2008

First Day Snippets

Mom (to Dad on the phone)
Well, we started off by setting off the security alarm and leaving the house 20 minutes late. Nothing like being late for the first day of school.

We're late?? We're late!! You can't be late on the first day! You just can't! (Tears are threatening). Drive faster!!

We're not really going to be late - just not early. At all. Hopefully we'll get there just in time for a quick picture before the bell rings.

The bell? What bell? What time does the bell ring, Chancey? What happens if you're late? Will I get in trouble? What if I can't find my classroom? Ohhhhhh, I don't know anyone at this school. I am very embarrassed. Or nervous. My tummy just feels funny.

Is that Kyersten? At least I'm not the only one that's late. Are you sure we have enough time to do a picture by the lion? Okay, well hurry then.

No, I will not pose for a picture by my desk or the chalkboard. Put the camera away, mom. I'm done taking pictures. Don't embarrass me!

No, I don't see anyone I know. Ohhhhhh, I don't know anyone at this school. Can you stay with me, mommy? I don't want to color a picture. I don't want to sit down. Where are the Poole girls? There supposed to be in my class! Okay, mommy, I'll call you when Tina picks me up.

Colton (on the phone after school)
It was great! We had so much to do, we got out late! We learned the centers, we ate snacks in the lunchroom, and we got RECESS! I want to go back tomorrow!

It was fine. No, we don't have any homework. We didn't even do any work. We just got organized and learned about rules and grades and stuff. We get A's and B's now, you know, not just check marks.

I did the Math Center and the Building Center. Let me tell you the Centers. There's Math and Reading and Building and Art and . . . .I can't remember the rest. No, we didn't learn about numbers at the math center. We didn't have to count either. It's not work mom, you just play there. It's really fun.

They put the big toy back up on the playground. With pea gravel under it. The line for the rings went all the way back to the white bars. It was looonnnngg. I think people would have waited in line even longer, though. Hopefully the lines get smaller when everyone gets used to having the big toy back.

There's lots of kids at recess. I didn't really know what to do, so I just did a bunch of extercises and stuff.

There are 2 new GIRLS in our class! Yuck. No, I don't want to ask Elle to ice cream! (laughing) Gross!

Mommy, I didn't even get in trouble one time. Some kids did. They were just talking and talking and talking. Like going - Teacher! Teacher! Teacher! over and over. It was annoying, and it gave me a headache. Really, I'm like the quietest kid in this class!


Anonymous said...

Oh, Heather,
The boys' comments brought back so many memories of Matt's first days. He was so excited to go to kindergarten right up to the day before, then he was almost terrified and I couldn't figure out why. I had to send him on the bus because the teachers thought the kids should learn about buses from the start. My heart was in my shoes. But, when I met him at the bus stop after school he was so happy and excnted because, "I didn't have to go to the principal's office even once!" Debbie and Brian had been telling him horror stories about the bad principal and that's what scared him. But Colton, the QUIETEST?!?!? What have you been feeding him?!
Chance's comments are pure Matt - just being cool, routine first-day stuff, no big deal.
What hit me as I was reading was, that I was "seeing" Matt at two different ages at the same time and it was a very strange feeling! Flashbacks.... I can't believe how parallel (if that's the right word) they all are. Oh, you are so in for it and I'm so sorry!! I'll amp up my prayers for you!
Thank you for sharing these times, it makes it a little easier to be so far away.

Cali said...

Heather, I felt your stress as you tried to get them to their first day and left 20 minutes late. You really do wear multiple hats and one of them is a race car driver.

Colton, the quietest kid in the school. Can't wait to see how long he wins this contest.

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Dang that Cali. I didn't know she was signed in on our computer. Sorry about that, it was me, Jane, speaking. (Oh gee, and if that doesn't have a Tarzan ring to it, I don't know what does.)