Sunday, August 17, 2008

The End of An Era

Chance turns 9 today. His last year in single-digits.

Do you remember being 9? I do. I thought it was so useless. I wanted to be 10 so bad. I wanted a double-digit age in the worst way. I remember my mom saying "Enjoy the single digits - you'll be double-digits the rest of your life."

I didn't believe her. At that point in my life, double-digits was everything.

Enjoy the single digit, Chance. You'll be double-digits the rest of your life. Don't wish it away. Live 9 with everything you've got. Or, maybe hold back just a little, cause some days I'm not equipped to handle everything you've got.

And, quit growing so tall.

Also, when are you going to hit that awkward stage? Cause you just went from cute as a button to doggone handsome. I say that totally unbiased, like I'm not your mom or something.

Happy Birthday, pal. I love you.

PS - Just because I said you went straight to handsome doesn't mean you can be looking at the girls anytime soon. You gotta be wellllll into the double-digits for that business :)


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Happy Birthday Chance!

Kinex are the coolest things.

tina said...

We love K'nex here too! We have many big sets of them from e-bay - eventhough my boys weren't even born when we bought them! :)

Nine was a good age - riding bikes through mud puddles, playing on the beach, road trip with the fam, lots of good stuff. Kid stuff! Kids grow up way too fast these days!