Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Tribute to "The Five"

Because I so appreciate Cali's writing, and I loved her letter to her blog header, I thought I'd try my hand at pouring my heart out to an inanimate object. Really, it seemed the only decent way to express my gratitude.

Dear Five-

I hope you like your new name. I sense that you do - although, most of the time we call you "The Five", it just didn't seem grammatically correct for the salutation.

I know you have spent 100% of your previous life in a pretty pampered state. You still had your 10-year-old batteries when we bought you, because you had spent your entire existence plugged in - to RV parks which always included full hook-ups, cable TV and phone.
Instead of a cushy, full-service RV park that your old owners would have taken you to, you spent your first night with us here:

And the second night here:

I know it's a far cry from what you're used to, but you didn't seem to mind near as much on the 2nd night, since we used our proximity to the store to buy you some new outfits and accessories.

Your 12-volt muscles are probably a bit sore since you used them after being idle for so long - but hopefully outfitting you with the new batteries helped.

With your usual cargo being 2 Harley Davidson's that never leaked a drop of oil as far as we can tell, it was probably a bit surprising to instead haul crab pots, kids, and more beach sand than you were ever aware existed. I hope the kids' laughter was a good trade-off for the mess. It had to have been a bit boring hauling around those other two, who left you alone for long periods of time while they drove around on those silly motorcycles.

And, the movie nights were fun, weren't they? I bet you never knew your patio door would make for the perfect big-screen TV. You were the talk of the camp, then, that's for sure. The kids think you are the best!

Anyway, Mr. Five, thanks for a great trip to the ocean. You far surpassed my expectations. I can't wait for all the memories we are going to make together. Hang on tight - sometimes it might be a bumpy ride - but I guarantee the view will be worth it in the end!


Your Grateful New Owner

PS - thanks for holding on to the hitch so tight when we had to slam on the brakes in that terrible traffic - I know we were both wondering whether your new pickup and hitch assembly would pass muster - and I think we're all glad that it did.


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Heather, this was moving. Truly moving.

Who can think for a minute that he doesn't like his new neighborhood better than his old one? He and Darla could swap a few stories on adjusting.

I'd like to thank The Five for a good strong hitch, too. I'd feel sick right now if he'd buckled under pressure. Glad you're all okay and he stood the test.

And sand? He's probably thrilled to double as a sandbox. Just think of the new opportunities you've given The Five to build his talents.

Cali said...


I've preoccupied with... something or someone and I haven't read blogs in a while. I loved your tribute to this inanimate object. You Do Me Proud. Cheers! Here's to our future in blogs to objects. Beware, they are addicting.