Thursday, July 3, 2008

The one time when a half-a** job is better than a good one

We got a swimming pool a couple weeks ago - one of those 15' or so above-ground deals - about 3 or 4' deep. It's finally hot around here, and the kids are having a blast.

A few days ago, they were getting ready to swim after Matt had picked them up. So, they all got their swimsuits on and went outside for some splashing, thrashing fun.

We have a ladder that goes into the pool - kind of an upside down V shape - so you climb up on the outside, then down on the inside to the water.

The kids love to jump off the top of said ladder.

And so, there was much jumping and cannon-balling and twisting.

Colton - Daddy, watch this! I'm going to jump from the very tippy top one!

Daddy - Okay buddy, I'm watchin'.

Colton - But, Daddy, you can't jump in from the ladder - you can only step into the pool.

Daddy - Why can't I jump from the ladder?

Colton - 'Cause you're half-chubby! It would splash too much :-)!!!!!


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Heather, how do you come up with these oh, so appropriate and funny titles?!

Anonymous said...

Yea sure its a funny title, its not about you!

Donna Chapin said...

Oh Heather-

I don't know if I could handle hearing some of the things your boys say without busting up laughing all the time.