Thursday, July 10, 2008

Numbers, lists, quotas, and other happenings of preparing for vacation

I have been carrying a clipboard to work all week, to hold the 5 lists I'm keeping track of to get ready for vacation. That's gotta be as geeky as having a pocket protector, wouldn't you say?

So far, things are pretty well under control, but it may be just an illusion of check marks and strike-throughs.

We've been having a countdown when I wake the boys up in the morning. I thought it would help them want to get out of bed. Not so much. Who wants to get out of bed in the summer? They want to get out of bed on vacation day, not 4 days before!

So, this morning, I ask - who knows how many days until vacation?

Colton - ZERO!!

Oh crud. That's gonna be a downer.

Mommy - Nope, buddy, but you're close. Just one more day!!

Colton - Yeah!

Mommy - How many more days at Tina's until vacation?? (They love Tina's, but hate that they have to wake up early and go so that I can get to work on time)

Colton - One!

Mommy - Right! Tomorrow you can sleep in. Okay - how many Rice Krispy Treats do I need to make before vacation?

Colton - Ten Thousand!

Mommy - How many s'more's bars?

Colton - Ohhhhhhh, Ten Million! (These are his new favorite - thanks Cali!)

Mommy - Yikes! How many cookies?

Colton - Ten Hundred!

Told ya. An illusion of check marks and strike-throughs. Because, the job of 1,000 chefs has just been added to my plate, to be completed by tomorrow. Wish me well.

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tina said...

Yes, good luck with that! I should try the geeky look of the clipboard, I love that! We are leaving tomorrow for just the weekend to north of Cle Elum. Rice Krispy treats sound like a good idea! I think I will whip up ONE batch!