Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Negotiation 101 . . . .make that 099

How are you with buying used cars? Like to dicker? Walk out on the salesman a couple times to get the price down to rock bottom? Always know you've gone home with the best possible price?

Good for you - but that's not me. Not me at all. I'm more the, well, if they're asking that price, it's probably fair, and they wouldn't knowingly make us pay more than it's worth, and we should probably just pay it and move on. Strong and courageous, I know. Please, call me next you're headed car shopping, I'm a real asset.

And, you know how they say that opposites attract? Which would mean, in this instance, that one person in the marriage would be the hard-core negotiator and one would be the meeker person in the situation.

Yeah, we didn't get lucky on that part either. Matt's not too far from me on this one. Which is why our latest RV deal went something like this . . .

(Names and amounts are unrealistic, to protect both the innocent and the naive)

So, you're asking $2000?


What's your bottom dollar - how low will you go?




pause - for courage, not for effect

Well, we've looked up the book value, and noticed it's only about $1500. Can we meet somewhere in the middle?

We can meet at $2000.

Okay then, $2000 it is! Thanks for the great deal!

Yeah, we're good. And I use that we very loosely. Because I did none of the talking in the above hypothetical conversation. I am silent, even in the fake one.

I said less in the real one.

But, I was a strong supporter - an everlasting comfort in our time of need . . . . . or something.

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Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Oh Heather, this post captured it all. I'm the same as you, and you captured that state of us spineless traders perfectly.

And you title? Perfect, too!

What a fun post to read.