Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Four if by Sea

Wow - what a week. We had a most fantastic week of vacation - it took me all day Monday to recuperate. That's the mark of a good vacation - it takes going back to work to get some rest!

We went to the Pacific Ocean. Since it is a forever drive away, we drove on two separate days, stopping at a theme park along the way to break up the ride. It proved to be a good decision. The theme park wasn't fantastic, but having a break from the driving was. On a side note - if you live in an area in which the drive to Enchanted Village and the drive to Silverwood are approximately the same - choose Silverwood every time and twice on Sunday. Choose Enchanted Village only one time, so that you will appreciate how good it is at Silverwood.

Anyway, here is a photo montage of the highlights of our journey. It makes me tired just looking at all of them.

The "side trip" to the theme park.

Our first glimpse of the ocean. Notice the boys are still smiling and standing in close proximity to one another without fighting. If memory serves me correctly, this was the last time.

There was crabbing - lots and lots of crabbing. We made a "Crab Pot" style meal that you would've been so proud of, Jane! BTW - has anyone ever tried Spot Prawns before? I guess the are indigenous of the Willapa Bay. If you have a chance, they are beyond fantastic. Very similar to lobster - yum, yum, yum!!Sightseeing - including a lighthouse tour. This was one of the most interesting points of the trip.
Wreck #1. Also the mark of a good vacation - when you have to label whether you are viewing carnage from wreck #1 or wreck #2. As Colton put it, he was trying to land a wheelie on his bike, and before he knew it, the bike was heading North and he was heading East, and they separated. Ouch.

One of many photo opportunities - an old tree root washed ashore at Horseshoe Bay.

Colton getting more and more daring on the driftwood - as if he didn't already have two bloody lips.
Chance ready to dare the waves on the rocks below the driftwood. About 1 minute after this picture, the waves were crashing against the rocks and splashing him from head to toe!
Playing in the biggest waves at Twin Harbors. This also turned out to be the best treasure beach, and kept the whole crew entertained, searching for agates for hours.
The Go-Kart races.

Wreck #2. Daddy consoling Colton after another banged up lip and a mild case of whiplash. I'm sure when the Go-Kart worker guy signed in for his shift that day, he didn't plan on saying, "Remember, there's no bumping allowed. I don't need another bloody lip on my shift!"
My love letter in the sand at Washaway Beach. "I love you until high tide . . . ."
Another photo op with my parents at Washaway Beach. They got to join us for the last few days of the trip, and I think had a great time.
Matt and Colton flying the kite one last time before heading home the next morning.
And, finally, my beach sunset. This was on the last night we were there, and it was the first one we had gotten to see all vacation. This is picture 27 out of about 75 or so (ish). I'm a sucker for sunsets.

Colton's favorite part - riding my bike, catching crabs, watching movies in "The 5", and flying kites. Favorite beach - "Our Beach" by the state park, and Horseshoe Bay.
Chance's favorite part - flying kites, the lighthouse, go karts, and being with friends. Favorite beach - the beach by Wade & Kathy's on the last night.
Daddy's favorite part - catching lots of crab, eating a big seafood dinner, having good group dinners each night at camp, spending time with our family. Favorite beach - Twin Harbors and Washaway Beach.
Mommy's favorite part - the big seafood dinner, walking on the beach at night, the bonfire on the beach, spending time with friends, and eating good chowder. Favorite beach - Washaway Beach of course - it's the only one with a love letter on it! I did love how each beach was different - sand, rocks, driftwood, waves, treasures, etc. It was fun to have a new discovery each day.
Thank so much to my fabulous friends and family who made this an unforgettable vacation. We all had a blast! Can't wait for our next adventures.


Susan said...

Beautiful, beautiful pictures Heather!

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Oh man. What a trip. I love your commentary on it (i.e. "choose Silverwood every time and twice on Sunday." and "Notice the boys are still smiling and standing in close proximity to one another without fighting. If memory serves me correctly, this was the last time."

I love, love, love that picture of Matt and Colton flying the kite. The close up on that is incredible. You captured so much with that one. The sunset is certainly a deserving honorable mention, though.

I'm so glad you had fun. Your trip (and food) sounds INCREDIBLE. You make me want to go somewhere.

Darla said...

I'm so glad you guys had a great time.. I can't wait to see the pages :)

I love those pics... Treasure these moments, they grow up to fast.

Glad your back.. work just isn't the same.!!

Miller Family said...

I love the picture of Matt and Colton flying the kite. The colors are amazing and show so much love and patience. The sunset is too my favorite. Nothing like a sunset at the beach. Glad you had a great vacation. We all need those once in awhile!!!