Thursday, July 31, 2008

The degradation of an eduction based upon Standardized Achievement Tests

Or, alternately titled, Pizza and the FIVE Food Groups.

We decided to get take-out for lunch at work today. I was in town for a minute to watch my little guy in swim lessons, so it worked perfect for me to just grab it on my way back to the office.

While I am at the restaurant, I overhear this conversation between servers.

Yeah, everyone always liked to come to our house, because we always had pizza and stuff, instead of, like, healthy food. But, we actually say that pizza is a total, like, healthy food, because it has all the basic five food groups.


Well, it has bread, and then tomatoes in the sauce for fruit.

Oh yeah, and we always get like mushrooms or olives or something on there, so that's the veggies.

And then meat - of course there's always meat.

..............pause, while you can literally see her mentally calculating how many groups she's covered.

So, what's the 5th one supposed to be?

Ohhhh, poultry. I guess we don't ever really have poultry on our pizza.

But, we get four out of five!!

And, not surprisingly, when I got back to the office, there were no less than 4 mistakes in my order consisting of 5 entrees.


Do you think she took the WASL??


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

You snagged it with this one, Heather. Did you see where history is slowly but surely being replaced in the high school curriculums? Because you know history repeats itself, so why not just learn it anew everytime it whacks us in the face.

tina said...

There are many instances in life to which I can say only a very slow and astonishing, "WOW!" This is one of them!