Thursday, July 24, 2008

Am I really this old, . . . .really?

A few weeks ago, my youngest son attended Vacation Bible School with the son of my best friend growing up. We attended Vacation Bible School together about 25 years ago.

I am now on the school board at Chance's school. That makes me either a muckity or a muck - I'm not sure which.

Yesterday, on e-mail, the above-mentioned friend asked me to donate some art to a gala she's coordinating in our home town. For the ski hill we both learned to ski on what seems like yesterday - - - - - - we were 4.

I am sending my youngest to Kindergarten this fall. He is much more prepared for this event than I am.

I am sending my oldest off to camp for the first time on Saturday. It's killing me. He'll be gone 5 days and 4 nights. Do they really let babies do this?? I guess not - he's almost 9.

When did all this happen?

I'm not supposed to be this old yet.

I was supposed to have way more fun first.

I was gonna party like it's 1999. Where did 1999 go? I forgot to party.

I was going to be 27 for a really long time, because I always thought that was the coolest age.

Instead, I only lasted at 27 for a year, and then blew right past it.

Now, I'm a 30-something mama who's crying about taking her boy to camp. Only I'm not even taking him, which makes me cry even more.

What a ninny.

Put your big girl panties on and buck up! There's work to do!

Thanks for listening.
PS - I saw a card the other day that said "I do have my big girl panties on, but they're bunching up!" Exactly . . .


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Oh, oh, we've got to make some cards that say that! That describes it perfectly. Even the best underwear crawl.

I can't think of ANYBODY who takes life in stride better than you.

Susan said...

I completely feel your pain. This year, I start losing girls to the big grown up world. Yuck. Lilly will graduate this year and Tess goes to kindergarten. Double yuck.

Miller Family said...

Heather, If you are a ninny, I am a complete wuss (is that how you spell it?). I cried when Ty's pre-school went on their field trip to the elementary school. The exact moment was when he waited in the lunch line, walked up to the lunch lady, and pulled out his dollar to pay for his lunch. I was so proud he remembered to pay for it I had to cry. Now he is awaiting first grade. YIKES! I agree with Neighbor Jane. You do seem to take it all in stride. Give me some pointers since I have two boys as well.

P.S. Is it really lurker status, or blog stalker? It's been fun learning the blogging world. Thanks for sharing!