Thursday, June 12, 2008

When "Thank You" is again, inadequate

We got to see a pretty cool thing yesterday. The American Veterans Travelling Tribute of the Vietnam Memorial Wall made its way to Moses Lake yesterday, and on the way, passed by on the freeway about 1 mile from my work. By chance, our boss saw the procession out the window, and came out of his office saying "It's almost here - let's go!" A bunch of us jumped in vehicles and sat by the freeway to watch the procession.

This is the procession as it went through Moses Lake

They estimated up to 1500 bikes would accompany the wall. They had to have been close. The escorts were first, followed by the trucks carrying the wall, then bike after bike after bike. We watched a procession of bikes that last about 7 or 8 minutes. It was HUGE! There were fire trucks and emergency vehicles along the route with their lights on, and lots of people watching from the nearby overpass.

The show of support was amazing. It's awesome to watch people from all different backgrounds come together to support something they believe in. Hearing the comments from the Vietnam era Vets in our area lets me know it's appreciated. My favorite quote from the day was this one:

"We must always separate the war from the warrior and be never failing in our support for our men and women in the armed forces."

So, I say THANK YOU. It seems inadequate, to thank men & women who do their duty, whether they agree or not - whether we agree or not, so that I and many others around the globe can enjoy freedom. It's a small offering, but a heartfelt one.

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