Saturday, June 7, 2008

The week in review

With a handy, bullet-point list!

  • Fabulous art show in Spokane last weekend. Not so fabulous weather, but a great weekend for us, none-the-less. Some of my favorite snippets of the weekend - "Honey look, they have a garden gnome - he's so lifelike!" And he is, very lifelike, if you live in a Travelocity commercial. / From a group of twenty somethings perusing through our offerings, "Dude, check it out, a gnome on a 'shroom." Not sure this was our intended audience, but hey, I guess it works. / This pattern has been a fabulous seller for us. I make no judgement as to whether the lady is clothed or not - she is having fun in the privacy of her own garden, so who am I to say. The amount of comments we've gotten on this one item alone could fill a blog post - and maybe someday will - but a unique one came our way this weekend in the form of a wife talking to her husband - "Oh my gosh, that looks just like your mother! Should we get it for her, or would she be offended?"
  • This week marked both the last day of school and the last games of baseball. And I'm not even one bit excited. Or maybe I am. It's been a great season for both boys, but this was the first time I had a taste of having both boys involved and each one having a different schedule. It's been a challenging couple of months, in which the sandwiches and cold pizza for dinner far outweighed anything resembling a home cooked meal. I hope I remember how to cook.
  • Chance ended the "fastest school year ever" with the "best teacher ever" this Tuesday. I am so thankful for the year he has had - it's by far his best school experience yet. He had a very structured teacher, who had set measurable goals that he could thrive under, and taught the kids with more imagination and innovative ideas than I've seen in awhile. What a blessing to have such a positive 3rd grade experience - thanks Mrs. Anderson!
  • Last night we went to see Narnia: Prince Caspian. Oh, it was fabulous. I love the writings of CS Lewis, and I've been impressed with the two films thus far - they have stuck to the story, didn't water down the message, and brought wonderful graphics, imagination, and detail to the scenes. This book/movie is filled with symbolism, and it was so fun to talk about it with Chance afterward, who is finally old enough to understand a lot of it and go deeper than just the surface of the story.
  • Today, we head to what is purported to be a $120,000 wedding. I have no idea what a wedding of that magnitude looks like. Especially not in our little county. I am feeling like my Wal-Mart outfit isn't quite a fit for the occasion, but I've no time, inclination, nor funds to head to Nordstrom, so I guess I'll have to do! If it's reportable, you'll hear about it next week. However, it's more likely that you'll hear about . . .
  • . . .the Lunar Lander that NASA is testing near our town, which we are going to see on Sunday. Doesn't get much more exciting than this for us small-town folk!

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Neighbor Jane Payne said...

-WHAT? I didn't know about the lunar landing thing.

-I LOVE that lawn stake. That is the funniest thing ever. Please do a post on the comments.

-Even if the wedding is less than spectacular I hope you do a post on it.

-I like bullets, too.