Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Wedding present - free; Babysitter - less than he deserved; 100K worth of wedded bliss - Priceless!

Well, we attended the "Fairytale Beginning" of the century this weekend - at least for these parts. It was really fun. I'm not sure I witnessed the rumored 100K wedding, but I was enlightened by the most elegant reception ever to grace a high school gymnasium. It was very, very impressive.

The walls were hidden by curtains, similar to those you would see at a trade show, only lots taller and more elegant. The ceiling was draped with fabric, and large hoops of brown silk hid baskets and other unsightlies. Each table was covered with a turquoise table cloth, with a rich chocolate brown runner connecting each place setting across from each other. The chairs were covered in rich chocolate brown, and there were tiered displays of turquoise and brown M&M's about every 3 place settings. Then, there were calla lillies - everywhere! It was absolutely gorgeous.

This is our table, before we sat down and ruined all the pretty displays - not to mention ate all the M & M's.

This is one of the round tables that was set up.

This was the menu at each place setting. Prime rib, 3 selections of salmon, potatoes, salad, and vegetables. A cotton candy machine for the kids (young and old), and 3 chocolate fondue fountains with any sort of dipper you can imagine, from strawberries to marshmallows to lady fingers. Yum, yum, yummmmmm!

My only regret? I should have taken the boys. There were lots of kids there, the cotton candy machine was to die for, and they would have probably had a good time. It would have been stressful, corralling Colton amidst the luxury, but on the other hand, they'll never learn how to conduct themselves in that environment unless they're exposed to it. So, lesson learned - the next 100K wedding I attend, those boys are coming with me!!! Remind me, okay, because by then, I'll probably forget, opt for sanity, and ask Kevin to watch over them again!

PS - Matt made their wedding present. Not necessarily free, but close to it, and better than anything I could have found at the Wal-Mart. Thanks, honey!!


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Ahhh, thanks for reporting on the wedding. It sounds beautiful.

Cynthia said...

WOW! What a shin-dig. I would love the cotton candy machine. Ohhh - so tempting. Glad you had fun!