Monday, June 30, 2008

Trick my truck - A/C edition

Whooooo - wheeeee! What a weekend. We have spent the last two weeks on a quest for a new RV. We had some pretty specific wants - economical being at the top of the list - and we were having a hard time finding anything within a reasonable driving distance. I sent out an e-mail plea to pretty much my whole contact list (thanks to all of you who responded!), just hoping to come up with some leads.

My brother let me know about a neighbor of his selling an RV that might fit the bill. We were interested enough to want to see it - 5 hours away. A few problems made themselves evident immediately
  1. It was 5 hours away.
  2. It was a 5th Wheel type RV.
  3. We do not have a 5th wheel hitch in our truck.
  4. It was already after noon on Saturday.
  5. It was 5 hours away.

After many phone calls for advice to my RV extraordinaire, repair anything, purchase enabling cousin Dell, we settled on a plan to use Uncle Dutch's truck (which has a 5th wheel hitch) to make the journey, in case we wanted to tow home a purchase or two. It was only about 10 miles into the journey that we realized that what seemed like two small factors - no A/C in the truck and no trailer brakes - may in fact turn out to have larger impacts than we first imagined. In hindsight, we are thankful that only the first turned out to be of any consequence. But, that's pretty much how we roll in our family, as Chance would say. And, if you got all the way to the bottom of the 200 list a few days ago, you know we've come a long way from the lucky poker hand.

Just to keep the air conditioning thing in perspective, between Matt, myself, and the boys, over the last three days we logged 22 hours in a vehicle - 19 of them in that truck. It topped out at 105` outside / 134` inside today at about 2:00 after Colton's dentist appointment. I am ever-so-grateful for an uncle that would give up anything he had to make someone else's life a bit easier--but like my aunt said, if we'd only told him 2 days earlier, he would have fixed the A/C in the truck for us, and she would have had a much more pleasant trip next weekend when they go camping!!

One redeeming factor was that it was ballet weekend at my brother's house. His two daughters are both beautiful ballerinas, and this was the weekend of their recital. That meant my parents were already over there, both for good company and for Matt to have some solid RV advice from my dad. Because, while I concentrate on the important things like the size of the medicine cabinet and whether or not I had enough storage for a fold-away vacuum, apparently there are other items more important to the male gender, like whether the thing actually has the GVW rating to haul all the stuff we need it to haul. Trivial, I know, but I guess someone has to consider such things.

Now, the additional redeeming quality was the fact that my brother had rented a beach house for the recital guests, and we were lucky enough to partake. I only felt a little bit guilty that I pretty much made his in-laws move out of the house to make room for us and the boys. Thankfully, the feeling was fleeting, and all traces of it disappeared when we awoke to this view...

The cousins had tons of fun on the trampoline. Also, Elyse and Claire were taking care of some reptiles for friends on vacation, so they got a "snake misting" lesson as a bonus!
Oh yeah, and we came home with this. Wooooo Hooooo!

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Neighbor Jane Payne said...

YAHOOOOOO for you! What fun.

I love how you write, Heather. You're such a good writer. I'm glad to be back connected again.