Tuesday, June 17, 2008

See It, Say It - Corporate Lesson for Your Everyday LIfe

In my previous job, I held a supervisor position - which just goes to show that being told you are bossy on your 1st grade report card will take you places in life. Thanks, Mrs. Kendrick! Anyway, once blessed with said position, I got to attend a week long "Manager Boot Camp", to be trained in the corporate world of HR, political correctness, kudos, reprimands, and the like.

One of the courses was modeled around the "See It, Say It" concept that you don't have to wait until a performance review to let your employees know they are appreciated or doing a good job. If you see something good, say so right then.

This weekend, we were at an art show. And, on a side note, we are about halfway through our little "show circuit" season, and this is about the time that I start to loathe the inventor of Kettle Corn and wonder whether every Thai Noodle shack is owned by the same guy, or if maybe 50 brothers feel it was their calling to sell expectant show attendees the exact same plate of skewered chicken nestled in a bed of top ramen and vegetable delight. Anyone know??

But, I digress . . .

During the show, as I walked down to the parking lot one afternoon, I followed a young, 20-something couple that had obviously not gone to either Manager Boot Camp or Relationship Boot Camp, cause this poor guy was fighting a losing battle. Here's about where I started eavesdropping (also called "lurking" in the blog world, so don't judge me!):

Her - You never say that to me.

Him - Sure I do.

Her - No, really, you never have.

Him - I know I've said it a couple times. At least once.

Her - Really - NEVER. And, it's not like you haven't had the opportunity. Like this morning, when I said "that's because you're so handsome." You know what you said? "Nuh uh." That was the perfect opportunity for you to tell me you think I'm beautiful.

Him - I said "Nuh-uh" cause I don't think I'm handsome.

Her - Whatever.

**Insert reallllllly long pause. At least 10 seconds. Okay, maybe 5.**

Her - Don't even say it now! In fact, don't even say it in the near future, because I'll know it's just out of obligation, and it totally won't mean anything.

Him - But I do think that, so now what am I supposed to do? I can't win, can I?

Her - Whatever.

Oh my - See it, Say it. For executives and young up-and-comings alike. Poor guys doesn't even realize that he just had to spend a week at "Manager Boot Camp" and he could have totally avoided the situation completely. Wonder if he's told her she's beautiful yet? Is 3 days long enough to wait after a conversation like that??

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