Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Because I'm the assistant to the assistant manager, that's why!

From Chance's excerpts of the weekend at Grandmother's.

Colton got scolded several times, mom. He really wasn't very good. Grandmother had to scold him for not listening, Dennis had to scold him a couple times, and I even had to scold him a couple times.

--Chance, why are you scolding him?

Because, he deserved it!

--But you are not the boss of him.

Well, I was right then.

--Oh, really?

Yeah. Dennis was out and grandmother was sleeping, so obviously I was in charge.

--(laughing) How does that make you in charge?

Because, I'm the third oldest, that's why.


Anonymous said...

You know, it's amazing how bad the truth can sound when it's written down...
Yes, Dennis was gone and
Yes, I was sleeping
However (big However, I hope), it was nap time and I laid a huge blanket on the floor and the boys each had their blankies and a pillow at opposite sides of the blanket, with instructions to keep their hands to themselves, PLEEASE. Then I laid down on the sofa, right beside them.
The movie on TV was The Long Trailer with Lucy and Dezi Arnaz and it was funny because I could hear the boys giggling every now and then.
Normally, after about 30 minutes Colton falls asleep and all is well, and we get up in a couple of hours and proceed with the day. It couldn't have been a bad scolding from Chance and it certainly didn't get physical or I would have been awake right then - I was only 2 feet away and we all know Colton's voice carries to the Mississippi when he and Chance get into it.

I love to watch the dynamics of those two; they each know the right
button to push on the other and don't hesitate to use it. But Chance
has a lot of patience with his brother which I really admire, I'm not sure that I would have had that at his age.

Colton is a little guy who has so many things to think about and do and try that he just has to move fast to cram as much as he can into his day. And sometimes what I tell him doesn't get heard until the second time around. How he manages to get as much done as he does amazes me.
I wish I had a fraction of his energy and a good measure of his zest for life.

Thank you for the great weekend I had with them.

Anonymous said...

I have never known Colt to fall asleep in front of the TV during nap time, usually it has to go off for his eyes to shut. However I would imagine the Lucy and Dezi show could put the most coffee ridden person to sleep, but not my boys, nope their even tougher than that. I cant believe their laughter didn't keep you awake, after you told them to keep their hands to themselves while you take one of your short naps. I can hear it from here "Sure we'll keep our hands to ourselves, sleep tight Grandmother!........Colton we gotta be quiet for 32 seconds 'til the old gal is asleep then we can change the channel, order pizza and drink root beer. We just gotta get it all cleaned up by 7.....-33 seconds later-.......(SMACK) that was for calling me a girl, oh yea
(WHOMP) that was for picking your booger and flicking it at me. oh yea well this is for .................................................................

Your son!

Didn't he get the bonk on his head during one of your short naps too?